The Shadow Within

Saving Myself

How long have I struggled with this demon inside of me?

In the beginning, I recall the dark shadow enter my room at the age of eight. I have never really kept track of what night it was. But I woke up with it inside me. No-one could hear me scream and no-one knew exactly how scared I was. Sometimes I wondered before bed, is he going to enter me again tonight?

Nothing could have prepared me for each night, because each night the demon was under the influence of the darkness. I could never tell anyone about what was happening to me. There were no witnesses and I was just a child. Who would believe a child, in the day when children are meant to be seen and not heard?

Sometimes the demon would bribe me with gifts to keep me quiet and to entice me to allow him to enter me whenever he pleased. I refused the gift and ran to my room, and closed the door.

My mother was never in the right state of mind to help me with this torment and I could not tell her, because she knew the demon very well. As though he sat on a pedestal…

What am I to do? Who is going to save me from this demon that keeps entering me at night when no-one else sees, and no-one hears. In the creep of the night, my predator preys in a taunt to break my soul into pieces, without any remorse. What am I to do, but save myself? 

The time came when I had had enough of this demon coming to me and awakening me, by entering me. I generally would toss and turn, and grunt just to get him out, but not this night. I heard the demon come into the room that night. And before he had a chance to enter me I screamed, GET OUT!!!

And with an instant, the entity left my room and never returned to taunt me again.

BY Warragil Wii
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amel fs
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this informative post. We were looking for this type of informative post. 

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