The Road to Dharma

The highly acclaimed docuseries and companion online course, ‘The Road to Dharma’, takes you on a gripping yet internal sacred journey inviting you to break through old stories and patterns that hold you back. Connect to your inner power and experience the true freedom that lies within.

The Road To Dharma is the television Docu-Series that inspires the hugely growing self-discovery market. A truly innovative format of travelogue, self-discovery, and high stakes adventure reality that is sure to turn on the Curiosity, Intelligence, and Adventure in us all.

Both a stunningly filmed adventure on motorcycles through the Himalayas and a deep look at our personal search for freedom, we follow a group of real people facing their fears when dropped into Himalayan road killer traffic cliffs, monsoon rains, and high altitude hiking. Led by a fearless, charismatic, and modern Indian Master, each rider must confront their physical fear, their self-limiting ideas and personal relationships that enslave them. Season One takes us to The Four Sacred Peaks in India, pushing their every capacity to find that thing that all humans desire: Freedom!

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