The Reality of Consciousness

The Reality of Consciousness
Is Consciousness a fundamental pre-existing awareness?

What is the universe made of? According to visionary author and revolutionary futurist, Peter Russell … Nothing. It’s not made of any “thing.” There is this aware field of being, that is already there. He believes that the current worldview stating that the world exists of space, time and matter, and that consciousness is merely a brain function, needs to be turned on its head.

Why don’t we view the world as a field of knowingness, of aware consciousness, and not as a material world devoid of consciousness? Peter Russell’s 1980’s bestseller, The Global Brain, predicted the impact of the internet, long before it happened. He is interested in the deeper spiritual significance of the times we are living in and has written 10 books on this subject. He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science from the University of Cambridge and is a popular speaker on consciousness and the nature of the self.

Enjoy this interesting talk where Peter Russell shows that the next great frontier of exploration for humanity is not outer space, but the mysterious journey into our inner world.


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