The People vs. Fear

The People vs. Fear

What makes the human world tick is people and our incredible ability to connect and communicate; this is how we evolved and survived the natural challenges: by collaborating as hunters and gatherers, as farmers and as industrialists. Considering our inherent skills of connecting and co-creating, we have to ask why is there such an apparent disconnect between people and their chosen governments all over the world? Why is there an abyss between what is naturally healthy and intrinsically balanced and the overall corporate greed and abuse of people and nature?

The answer may lie in the place fear holds in the human psyche, not as an actual emotional experience or instinctual response but as a leading factor in belief systems, mass control and manipulation.

As an emotion: fear rises, is experienced and then disappears. It may occur when we are faced with immediate physical danger or a natural disaster. It is actually a healthy, natural response and many times it may be the perfect mechanism to instruct us from within to be more aware.

For instance, if we go to the river and there is a fresh paw print from a tiger, fear is useful because it awakens us and heightens our senses. It becomes totally useless however, when we return a year later to the same river and still carry that fear.

The problem with fear arises when it is stored in the human psyche and becomes a filter through which reality is perceived, so that everything is then seen as a threat – namely and mainly ‘the fear of the other’, which is an expression of the basic ‘fear of the unknown’. This fear keeps people all over the world in shackles of fictional, delusional ideas that can become a motive for horrible acts of violence and genocides, such as the dark time in Europe during the last century whilst lead by the Nazi regime. Indeed examples of the ‘culture of fear’ can be found throughout recorded history, all over the world.

Connection is the antidote to Fear

When we can see our humanness reflected in others, as strange as they may seem with their differences in appearance, or culture, it brings our ability to connect closer to the surface of our awareness. The Rainbow Gatherings I’ve attended, have shown me first-hand that so much can be done when we come together. The other extraordinary example is Burning Man – a unique and unprecedented festival of collaboration and co-creation. These qualities demonstrate how we can gain from the wealth of our human diversity and truly prosper and thrive. This is the answer and antidote to the ‘culture of fear’; a ‘culture of connection.‘ It can be seen all over the planet as people are coming together in communities, physically and online, and even through corporate use of co-creation, a growing trend where even the most successful corporations make use peoples’ ability to co-create and co-inspire.

Rainbow Gatherings video ‘We Love You’

Our contemporary world is filled with emergent examples, such as Occupy Wall Street which emerged as a collective outcry against inequity; Avaaz, and other online platforms that are collective initiatives, an incredible expression of the power inherent in all of us, the people of this world, when we collaborate and co-create consciously for the betterment of the World we live in. Fear simply cannot exist where there is connection, so connection should be seen as end in itself, as well as a means to an end.

Global media reach is no longer an exclusive power held by the few. For example, global meditations and synchronized, intentional gatherings are now initiated by people like you and me. Individuals and small groups of people working together can now achieve results that just a few years ago would have taken large corporations, or organisations, to accomplish. Our last big campaign on UPLIFT, the #LoveWater campaign for World Water Day, reached over 850,00 people all over the world. Unify, UPLIFT, The Shift Network and Thrive Networks are all new expressions the power of the people and of the ancient and inherent wisdom of the circle. This is how the people overcome fear: by awakening and sharing our gifts, and by connecting with each other through conscious co-creation.

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