The Love Between You

BY Eric Sander Kingston
The Love Between You
What Holds Us Together?

One day, two soul-mates who had spent an entire lifetime together,

Were going over the events of their lives.

As they looked over their many struggles and hardships,

They noticed that during their worst moments,

It seemed that it was only each other, that pulled the other through

That it was only their togetherness and faith,

That held their lives together.


One day, the Creator of the Universe appeared before them

And they asked,

“Dear Creator, during our worst trials and tribulations,

It seems it was only our togetherness

That held our lives together,

It was only our togetherness

That kept our faith alive.

Where in all this was Your Presence?”


The Creator of the Universe gently replied:

“My precious children,

My beautiful creations,

I was the love between you”

BY Eric Sander Kingston
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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


3 years ago

The Love between us – BEAUTIFUL!!!

Del Rainer
3 years ago

We are energy, as is everything in this finite world. We are the One Energy that fills the Universe. Energy is Love. We are in the process of recognizing our true selves.

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