The Inner Workings of Prince Ea

BY Jacob Devaney
The Inner Workings of Prince Ea
Re-Writing Humanity's Stories through Poetry and Social Media

Everyone needs a big brother, even if he’s younger than you and not related by blood. Someone who makes you think, gives you hope, inspires you to dream, and reminds you that you are here to make a difference in the world. Prince Ea is that type of character with his poetic videos that receive many millions of views he has become a prominent voice of reason and consciousness for his generation.

His street-wise, lyrical landscapes span the timeless wisdom of sages and mystics while delivering it through the contemporary channels of social media. I had the delight of sitting with him to discover what makes him who he is…

Has your past made you ‪‎bitter‬ or ‪‎better‬? Did you even know that you have a choice? – Prince Ea

Prince Ea’s breakout Youtube video ‘Can we Auto-correct Humanity?’

‘Man you gotta check out this guy Prince Ea’

Derived from Sumerian mythology meaning “The Prince of the Earth” Prince Ea was born and raised in North St. Louis, one of the most dangerous communities in America. Contrasting the Ferguson racial tensions that made international news just a few short miles from his home, this artist continues to make waves with his message of spiritual unity. I asked him how those events shaped his career…

Prince Ea: “I am no stranger to the violence, drugs, and crime that cripple so many youth in this region. I graduated from University St Louis-Missouri with a degree in Anthropology and am blessed to have the support of both my parents (who are still together). That made a big difference for me.”

Who would you be if the world never gave you a label? Never gave you a box to check. Would you be White, Black, Mexican, Asian Native American Middle Eastern, Indian? No, we would be one, we would be together – from ‘I Am Not Black, You Are Not White’ by Prince EA

I was introduced to him through fellow artist, musician, An0maly, who is one of those people that is always looking out for his community. He emailed me over a year ago and said, “Man you gotta check out this guy Prince Ea.” I was impressed with what I saw but I wondered if this guy was too deep and sentimental to get any traction in our cynical world. The months rolled by and I kept seeing his videos getting better and better, and the viewership climbing into the tens of millions. In a media landscape lacking authenticity, Prince Ea has unearthed the deep longing that we all share to connect, to dream, to see our troubled world heal and he has done it with poetry.

Alt text hereBringing true sentiment and timeless wisdom to the world.

We chatted on Skype, he in his kitchen, me at a table outside a cafe in Hilo, Hawaii. I asked, “So how did you get started?”

Prince Ea: “As a kid, ya know I was influenced by rap and legendary performers like Immortal Technique, Public Enemy. So of course that’s how I started out.”

Rhyming about Anthropology and Mysticism

As a cultural innovator, he wanted to take rap to a new dimension bringing spirituality and brain research to the art form. The Brain a hip-hop classic that is complete with beats and turntables scratching would work great at a dance party, yet it teaches the history of humanity through the lens of our evolving human brain. Take the music away and these lyrics would be right at home in a college lecture.

We lose touch living life so fast
And exhibit behavior that can be defined as a psychopath
As we advance we lose the basics, we still divide people into races
And don’t realize superiority by pigmentation
Is nothing more than a figment of all our imaginations – ‘The Brain’ by Prince Ea

He recognized that the genre of rap has become competitive, materialistic, ego-driven and often aggressive or radical so he sought other outlets for his creativity. He started to combine his love for anthropology with philosophers like Alan Watts while digging into spirituality and mysticism. These interests melded with his lust for racial unity and social justice, so he stepped away from hip-hop and began his own genre of lyrical poetry infused with theatrical video productions delivered on his Youtube Channel.

Alt text herePrince Ea combines anthropology and with lyrical poetry and theatrical video productions.

Making Videos to Instigate a Global Movement

Meditation doesn’t always have to be in lotus position. Just go inside your mind to figure out your mind. The best question you can ask yourself is, “Who am I”. The best thing you can do is to add value to other peoples lives. That’s what I aim to do. – Prince Ea

Can we Autocorrect Humanity? was his first big hit that addressed the concept of mindfulness and being in the moment. Dear Future Generations: Sorry is a wake up call for social responsibility that carries a timeless message that accounts for our place of power in history inviting us to create a better future. My favorite is, Man vs Earth (below) which literally brought me to tears and reminds me of a piece I wrote recently called, Ending the Conquest of Nature. The video ends with a potent call to support Stand for Trees which, to me signifies that this artist is at the very beginning of instigating a global movement to social and environmental action for his generation. We are ready to heal strife across racial lines, cooperate with each other, end our war with nature and begin Collaborating with Gaia.

Prince Ea’s ‘Man vs Earth’ Video.

Adding Color to Other People’s Dreams

We must globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our soul – ‘Dear Future Generations’ by Prince Ea

Ea runs most of his own social media with only a handful of solid team members. He recognizes that this is a people-powered movement and requested a shout-out to some of the folks like Tara Hogan, Travis Blakely, Steven Johns, Dennis Preston, Ericka Henderson, and people everywhere who like, share, and comment on his videos. This is most definitely a community effort.

I had to ask him, “What kind of advice do you have for other youth who may look up to you?”

Prince Ea: “Only until you see through the illusion of ego will there be world peace. Do not worry about other countries or other individuals in the world, first you yourself must come to the truth.”

I asked him what he wanted most and I think it is something that we can all relate to. More than that it is something we can make happen together. When we step away from the struggle to be at the top, and reach out to add color to someone else’s dream, the magic grows. Some call this “paying it forward”, others call it “random acts of kindness”, I call it essential if we want to continue enjoying this beautiful planet together. So Ea, what is YOUR big dream?

Prince Ea and UPLIFTInspiring viewers to make instant, positive changes in their lives.

Reach for Your Dreams

One of my goals is to create a positive piece of content that can galvanize the viewer to make an instant, positive change in their life. 1 Billion views. – Prince Ea

All in favor say “Aye”! I think that, with a little help from our friends, we can do this and more. Step up, grab your power, reach for your dreams and make it happen. If you’re are not quite ready for that, then take some time to lift up others who are answering to their own spiritual and creative call in this world. Every one of us is here to make a difference!

BY Jacob Devaney
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The Love Shepherd
The Love Shepherd
2 years ago

Awesome article. Well written and heartfelt. Thank you

5 years ago

I so appreciate your message of connection, of the oneness of every creature on Earth. The only thing I like about FB is that I have met people like you, Prince Ea, who knows that we need to come together and save our planet, all the creatures and life forms on this Earth, if we are to save ourselves. We are all connected. We are one. Every single organism in this Universe in which we live is connected. Everything we do impacts everything else in our Universe. Keep putting your message out there. Don’t give up.

Revolutional Minds
Revolutional Minds
5 years ago

Prince EA is my brother. I love him. He allows me’s to look at another part of existence within myself.

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