The Hidden Dangers of a Kundalini Awakening

The Hidden Dangers of a Kundalini Awakening
Are You Really Ready to 'Wake Up?'

I once knew a yoga teacher who would joke how awakening would never happen to her–she wasn’t far enough along the path, or didn’t know enough, or wasn’t enough.

She had this idea that awakening only happened to spiritually advanced people, or special people.

Yet, by all accounts, awakening can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Why? Because awakening is nothing special. It is merely the shift from total identification with the mind–I am my thoughts–to an experience of awareness or the field of being in which those thoughts arise–I am thinking those thoughts (and they’re likely not true). Eventually, the ‘I’ that is thinking those thoughts also disappears, leaving only perception, or consciousness, behind.

So awakening is a shift of consciousness, often accompanied by energy experiences. Yogis refer to awakening as Kundalini Awakening, and it can be accompanied by all kinds of physical, emotional, mental and energetic phenomena–not all of which are pleasant.

Awakening, in varying degrees, is happening to people right now, all over the globe.

It happened to Stephan Cope while studying yoga and Vipassana meditation. It happened to Guy Johnson on the first meditation retreat he attended. And it happened to me, nine years ago.

An Awakening Experience

In August and September of 2004, I had two psychotic experiences and was committed to the Acute Psych Ward of Lion’s Gate Hospital. I was diagnosed bi-polar and prescribed an anti-psychotic and mood stablizer.

Yet, despite the psyche-shattering experience of psychosis, I knew deep down that the experience I’d had was some kind of awakening–albeit completely twisted by my entrenched ego.

During my two periods of psychosis, each of which lasted for approximately five days before sedation brought me down, I’d experienced a number of phenomena I was familiar with from my reading of yogic texts–such as Oneness and Bliss. I knew myself as part of ‘All That Is’ and I perceived the true nature of reality–Oneness–underlying the illusion of separateness. ‘I’ disappeared.

Yet, there was another darker side to this experience. Suddenly, all of the shadow aspects of my psyche, everything I’d been avoiding and denying for the last eight years of travelling and partying around the globe, crowded into my awareness and consciousness.

It was too much energy, too much insight and too much connection. I couldn’t cope and my mind blew out.

Cue men in white coats, medication and waking up in a psych ward.

Naturally obedient to authority, I fast took stock of the status quo and realised my best chance of getting out of the psych ward was to keep quiet about all the spiritual experiences I’d had and accept the diagnosis and medication I was offered.

A psych ward was not the place to be sharing mystical revelations about an awakening experience. Then they’d really think I was crazy.

My plan worked, and I was released after nine long days.

A psych ward is not the place to share mystical revelations about awakening. Photo by Anthony Tran

A Shift in Consciousness

A week later, I’d packed up my life in Canada and flew back to my mother’s house in Glenorchy, New Zealand, to try and figure out what had happened to me.

Was I crazy? Or was it something else?

My first port of call was local yoga teachers. My intuition told me that what I’d experienced had something to do with yoga. In the years leading up to my psychosis, I’d been practicing more and more yoga at local studios, plus regularly meditating by myself at home. My meditation was usually accompanied by some kind of consciousness-expanding drug–yes, I loved to trip out while focusing inward. Marijuana was most often my meditation drug of choice, but I also used mushrooms and once or twice, acid.

That combination of drugs, meditation and yoga practice was a recipe for disaster.

It induced a shift in my consciousness before I’d done the hard work on my psyche; facing my shadows and demons at a moderate pace.

I didn’t know all of this then though. I also didn’t find it out from my local yoga teachers. They knew far less than I did.

A Dangerous Combination

It was the internet that proved to be my saviour. There I found stories about Kundalini Awakening and references to works by men like Krishna Gopi, author of Living with Kundalini, and Dr. Lee Sannella, author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis of Transcendence. I read everything I could get my hands on. I was desperate to prove that I wasn’t crazy–that something else had happened to me.

Two or so years after my psychosis, I finally met a real yoga teacher–Swami Shantimurti of Ashram Yoga in Auckland.

He was in Queenstown delivering a workshop on the chakras. During this workshop, he spoke about the dangers of using drugs and practicing yoga. He spoke about Kundalini Awakening. And he talked about how awakening Kundalini without the right support and guidance from an experienced teacher could send people into psychosis.

Afterwards, I joined the throng of students around Swami Shantimurti and choked up as I asked him in front of this audience if my experience sounded like some kind of awakening. His confirmation acknowledged what I’d always intuitively known–I wasn’t crazy and my experience was a known quantity. Swami Shantimurti also gave me some practices to stabilize my system.

Since that time, I’ve written and shared of my experiences openly. Many people have contacted me to share their own experiences and ask questions. Most are so relieved to learn that what they’re experiencing is a normal part of the human condition. Awakening is not common, but it is normal.

Or, as Swami Shanitmurti says, awakening is humanity’s evolutionary destiny.

That combination of drugs, meditation and yoga practice was a recipe for disaster. Photo by Christopher Ott

Awakening is Humanity’s Evolutionary Destiny

It’s our evolutionary destiny to have these experiences. The only way to inhibit them from happening is by hedonistic behaviour like eating meat, drinking lots of alcohol, taking lots of substances and living an unaware life. Then the energy doesn’t get intense enough to create an awakening on any kind of level.

Anyone at any time can have an energy shift and it could be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. Depending on what level it is will determine the intensity of the experience, how difficult the experience is and how difficult it is to sustain a balanced mind.

Swami Muktidharma of Anahata Yoga Retreat in Takaka, New Zealand, who, like Swami Shantmurti, studied and learned from Swami Satyananda, agrees:

These things can happen when there is no genuine guidance. Many people have come across the experience of making mistakes due to the lack of proper guidance. This becomes painful because some of them can end in mental hospitals and even end up in a comatose state. There are mental purification practices in yoga that first need to be understood because they bring up deep rooted impressions or samskaras.

Kundalini Awakening

These awakening experiences are often referred to as Kundalini Awakening, but both Swamis point out that a full Kundalini Awakening is a specific experience that means all of the knots and samskaras of the psyche have been resolved.

Traditionally, an aspirant would spend years, or lifetimes, methodically working through the knots and issues of the psyche through the cleansing practices of yoga before finally having an awakening experience. Now however, there are all kinds of people having various types of awakenings and these awakenings are often lumped under the phrase ‘Kundalini Awakening.’

However this is far away from being a spiritual experience. When people have these kinds of physical experiences they often confuse it with awakening the Kundalini. Swami Muktidharma says:

There is a big misuse of the term ‘Kundalini Awakening.’ Most people who claim to have Kundalini awakened are confused. They do not understand that when you do some yoga practices energy is bound to move through the body. This is the stimulation of prana moving through the body.

Swami Muktidharma’s view is not entirely shared by Swami Shantimurti though, proving that even among long-time yogis, there can be disagreement over exactly what these awakening experiences are and how they’re happening.

A lot of energy experiences aren’t Kundalini Awakening but all energy is Kundalini-based whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. People are having an energy shift and they can awaken levels of perception that activate the chakras for a while. They can move into some strange modes of behaviour.

The real full-on Kundalini Awakening experience is a surge of energy coming from Mulhadara up the back of the spine, over the top of the head and culminating in the forehead. The whole system has awakened. This can be very strong if people aren’t prepared for it they can become quite schizophrenic or paranoid or have serious so-called mental sicknesses. However, the whole experience can be dealt with successfully through yoga and through associating with someone who’s aware of what is going on.

The problem is, many of us who have these energy shifts have no idea what’s going on at the time, and sometimes even the yoga or meditation teachers we’re studying with don’t know either.

It’s our evolutionary destiny to have awakening experiences. Photo by Rhett Wesley

Meditation Retreat

In September 2011, Auckland-based Art Director, Guy Johnson, headed off to a 10-day Vipassana retreat near Auckland, New Zealand.

I’d never meditated before or had any knowledge of what meditation really was. I thought I would learn a technique to help relax and deal with the stresses of life.

What happened on that Vipassana retreat was to change Guy, and his life, forever.

It began on Day two, with a dream of choking a man to death and waking up choking on his own tongue.

Several hours later the penny dropped and I realised I was killing a part of myself. For the rest of the day I was in a surreal state.

By Day three and four, Guy was experiencing flickering visions and lights of all kinds, and his body had started moving through spontaneous mudras.

My tongue felt electrified and rigid. It had curved back to the roof of my mouth. I couldn’t stop it from doing this in meditation. It seemed to be directing a current of energy between my head and my body.

Guy didn’t know it, but he was experiencing a spontaneous Khechari Mudra, or tongue lock mudra. It was minor compared with what was to follow.

Towards the end of this hour-long sit my entire body was awash with sub atomic particles–I felt fluid and unreal. Then a quiet buzzing sound rapidly grew louder and louder and I felt a rumble deep within me. This was accompanied by a very intense pleasurable sensation–almost erotic.

I felt like I was being hit by a freight train and an explosion of the most pure white electricity/energy I’d ever seen. It was inside me, rapidly moving up and down my being. I realised I was nothing but energy–pure white energy. It was extremely intense and felt like a volcanic eruption inside myself. It was also scary. I opened my eyes. Everything looked very surreal.

We all went outside for a break. I was staggering, almost unable to walk straight. I found some earth and kneeled there with my hands on the ground, not really sure what the hell had just happened. I had the same experience again in the evening on the next sit in an almost identical way.

Spiritual Quest

Guy had no knowledge of yoga. He’d never heard of Kundalini. His knowledge of meditation was limited to the retreat. It was time to speak to the Vipassana teacher.

I don’t think he really understood what was going on. He just said: “What Vipassana unlocks is very powerful.”

Following this dramatic fourth day, the rest of the 10-day course was bathed in a mystical air.

I couldn’t sleep at all. Every time I meditated, something new and weird would happen–visions or spontaneous hand mudras, similar to the one you seen Christian saints making.

I’d become electrified after every ‘sit.’ By the evenings I’d be so wired I began hunting the retreat premises looking for a tree big enough for me to hug in a desperate attempt to try and earth myself. I feared for my sanity. I thought I was dissolving and had the eerie sense my body was disappearing. I felt hyper sensitive, almost in a supernatural state. I felt like I was being healed in a vey brutal way. Old emotions and memories came burning back into my present mind. I took all this to mean Vipassana was working and clearing out the toxic karmas in the mind.

Guy left the course feeling like he was bathed in light.

I felt extremely happy, lighthearted and sensitive. For six months after I remained in this state. But more importantly what it had created in me was the beginning of a spiritual quest to want to know myself deeply and to understand the nature of my existence–a quest that I can’t seem to ignore or stop or want to. It feels like this quest is the most important aspect of my life now. It’s a massive shift with big questions being asked and repercussions that are imperceptible to most people, but inside me it feels like a storm is raging.

It was hardly the relaxing experience Guy thought he’d get out of Vipassana–a style of meditation which uses a technique described as an “observation-based, self-exploratory journey to the common root of mind and body that dissolves mental impurity.”

Many of us who have energy shifts have no idea what’s going on at the time. Photo by Ginny Rose Stewart

The Cultivation of Clear Seeing

Develop too much clear sight or wisdom into yourself, without the requisite foundation and support of equanimity or calm abiding, and all kinds of strange things can happen. In his book, Stephan Cope shares an experience he had at a month-long Vipassana retreat. Like Guy, he too felt like he was ‘disappearing’–he’d lost a solid sense of Self, or Being-ness. Stephan, author of Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, characterises Vipassana as the cultivation of clear seeing. In his book, which shares his own Kundalini experiences and that of other students and friends, Stephan emphasizes the necessity for the technique of clear seeing–i.e. Vipassana–to be equally balanced with equanimity.

Panicking, Stephen made a late night visit to one of the Vipassana teachers, who calmly told him:

You’re not going crazy. You’ve refined your awareness to a very high degree… Your awareness has grown faster than your equanimity. You need to go back to a practice that creates equanimity.

Stephen was fortunate that his Vipassana teacher was able to recognise the experience he was having and offer a balancing practice. (The Vipassana Centre that Guy attended declined to comment on this story, or Guy’s experience.)

Twin Pillars of the Reality Practice

Stephen’s experience led him to develop the Twin Pillars of the Reality Practice–two sides of us that need to develop at a similar pace during yoga and meditation practice so we can stay balanced and sane–awareness and equanimity.

At our peril, we focus all of our effort on cultivating awareness, often ignoring the vast repertoire of self-building and equanimity practices that are meant to go hand-in-hand with building insight. In fact, the preliminary practices of yoga are almost all about building the calmly abiding self.

This was where my practice went wrong too. Not only was I focusing mostly on clear seeing practices, but I was turbo-charging them with drugs–a recipe for disaster.

I hadn’t yet built a calmly abiding sense of Self, and in fact was woefully ignorant of many aspects of my Self.

It’s a point that Swami Muktidharma makes too.

People who are searching for transformation should understand that we need to apply ourselves to the required processes of learning with the right guidance. Learning yoga techniques directly from books is a big mistake because everyone has his or her own personal interpretation from books and books cannot correct us. Everything that happens must happen in a very systematic process:

  1. Awakening of the nadis or flows of energy;
  2. Awakening of the chakras; and,
  3. Finally awakening of Kundalini, which brings us into different stages of samadhi from Savikalpa Samadhi to the ultimate Nirvikalpa.

It’s a systematic and supportive way to work through our evolutionary destiny. However, it’s not the way that most of us practice yoga. Many of us flit from practice to practice. We go to teachers who trained in a month and know little more than correct alignment of the body in asana.

Finding a true yoga teacher is a gift as they are rare. Photo by Matthew Henry

Finding a True Teacher

Yet finding a true yoga teacher is a gift, as they are rare. Swami Muktidharma says:

Some teachers have a lot of knowledge that comes from their own personal experience. These are the real teachers who will be able to contribute with proper guidance for those students who have had such experiences.

Swami Shantimurti is pragmatic in his view.

As a yoga teacher you have to expect something to happen to a student of yours at some time. You have to expect it these days as the potential is there. But because of the number of yoga teachers out there now it’s impossible to expect them all to have a comprehensive understanding of the energy aspect of yoga. As long as yoga teachers have someone they can refer a student to that they have confidence in. That’s good enough.

I found that teacher in Swami Shantimurti. Guy Johnson found Tara Springett on the internet.

A UK-based Tibetan Buddhist teacher and psychologist who’s had her own Kundalini experience, Tara works with clients all over the world who’ve had Kundalini experiences.

I educate people on what Kundalini is, how it works, how it progresses, and what it can include so they can feel safer about what’s happening because they understand it’s a normal process.This helps them to let go of the fear around what’s happening to them.

Then I deal with the issues that are arising as a result of the experience–starting with the emotional and spiritual issues. Usually, if those are addressed, the physical symptoms will fall away.

Her guidance and support made a world of difference for Guy, who had gone from intense energetic experiences at the retreat, to dealing with the reality of his experience–mood swings, and feelings of alienation and dislocation from friends and society, anxiety and fear. Although Guy’s also quick to point out that there’s many gifts to his experience too.

I feel like I’ve had a system’s upgrade for my ideas and intuition. I also experience clairsentience often–feeling another’s energy. Not that these elements are important or the goal–they are just some of the more pleasant side effects.

Tara was a great anchor for Guy and taught him how to ground himself with heart chakra-based meditations that develop loving kindness.

I learnt that Kundalini, once activated, will work through the system bringing up anything that was negative and toxic for it to be worked on. Now grounded and informed I can handle the rocky moments with much more acceptance, and I’ve also learnt to enjoy the pleasant moments and see them for what they are–little fleeting indications of progress.

An Expanding Experience of Reality

Guy’s experience mirrors mine. Once I knew what I was experiencing, and how to balance out the energy fluctuations and work with the arising samskaras, I was able to settle back into regular life, albeit with an expanding experience of reality.

Guy is just one of many people I’ve been in contact with over the last eight years who’ve had awakening experiences.

Most of them haven’t known what’s going on and have struggled to find yoga or meditation teachers who could support them.

But with the help of the internet and serious teachers like Swami Shantimurti, Swami Muktidharam and Tara Springett, it is possible to work through shifts in consciousness without experiencing too much alienation or dislocation from regular life–and without ending up in a psych ward.

One danger for those who’ve experienced awakenings of some kind is the immediate co-opting of the experience by the ego–the awakening becomes another story that bolsters the ego identification. The shift in consciousness fades and one moves back into identification with thoughts. That was my immediate experience after the psychosis. I was my thoughts again and the awakening was relegated to an experience that I’d ‘had.’

Yet once there’s a glimpse of that other world, the knowing remains. That knowing became my North Star, as I knuckled down to do the hard work on dissolving the many samskaras and knots in my psyche. I met teachers like Swami Shantimurti and discovered that ironically, some of the best teachers of awakening are not yoga teachers at all, but men like Adhyshanti and Eckhart Tolle.

They’ve both written and spoken extensively about their own experiences and what it’s like to live an enlightened life–Adhyshanti going as far as to write a most helpful book called The End of Your World.

Heart chakra-based meditations help to ground you and develop loving kindness. Photo by Ksenia Makagonova

The End of Your World

Because at it’s heart, that’s what awakening feels like. One world has ceased to exist and another world has arisen in it’s place– not one where the ‘me’ or the ‘I’ rules though, but rather a world in which one just is.

Today, my experience is characterised mostly by Being. Ego identification also takes place, but it’s becoming easier and easier to spot that subtle shift in awareness when it occurs. I see the stories the ‘me’ wants to generate and buy into, and with that awareness I can let them go.

This is the work of awakening–moment by moment, coming back into an abiding sense of awareness.

Because that’s all that awakening is–an ordinary sense of Being right now. Nothing magical or special about it. That yoga teacher who once told me she’d never awaken in this life time–she’s likely experienced moments where she’s Awake without even realising it. So too have you.

Moments like complete absorption in beauty, like a sunset, where you cease to exist and there is only perception. Or moments like being carried away by a beautiful piece of music. Or moments of life; like a newborn child, and moments of death; like intense grief.

In those moments, all thoughts of ‘I’ disappear and only perception remains–consciousness.

That’s awakening.

Just perception.

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1 year ago

[…] Quote from the source: … […]

Marie Rosette Charles
1 year ago

My Mom heart stopped last night. Please wake her up.

andrew gatewood
1 year ago

I typed “help! My adult son was working on kundalini and liberation and abruptly became psychotic” and this page appeared. He’s wanting release one way or another and we can’t find anyone qualified to help him. ANY help or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Terese E Brasile
1 year ago

I have been meditating since I was a child and not knowing that was what I had been doing. I would just get into a space, zone whatever you call it. I am highly intuitive and have predicted so many things including this pandemic/collapse of the dollar and this ensuing WW. I have posts from my FB group dating back as far as 2014 , telling people this was going to happen. that being said I had done a kundalini meditation (on my own , you don’t need a guru to connect with the divine source, such a scam as is any religious authority.) What I experienced was serpent like (yes we have repitilian brains) the serpent was the first deity for worship around the WORLD. I became the serpent bobbing weaving and was not afraid at all and what happened was I had downloaded so much information that it took me months to process it all. Blew my mind, it was something out of the matrix but truly it was an awakening to reach another level. Enlightenment is not warm and fuzzy, it is destruction it is breakdown, breakthrough. I always bucked the systems in that I dont subscribe to any divide and rule belief system which the worst is political two party divide and religions which are political. If you are in these which about 8 billion are you will never know the higher truths. They are fool proof, they are WMDS and they will keep you in the dark , History proves that and so does current affairs. No I am not an atheist that is box too. I call myself an observer only. I am here to just experience being human and well it sucks. Something tweaked are DNA , I should say these so called ELOHIM (demigods) did , they made us in THEIR image . there is more to this but people cannot handle it, part of what I got from the download but I believe in our time they will reveal it. AI is the new god anyway we hadn’t had one since 2000 yrs so its the paradigm shift and sadly most people will not be here being they don’t need people anymore. Buona Fortuna …. and like I said if you want to know the truth step out of all boxes including NEW AGE its just old age wrapped up in a new bow.

Terry Hayward
1 year ago

It’s really best that you Do fight this, do not surrender to it. You are afraid for a very good reason. This “ kundalini energy” is really an evil spirit or demonic spirit, it is not an “ energy” at all. The practice of meditation and yoga is designed to open yourself up to this spirit. It may seem and feel all good in the beginning. There are thousands of testimonies of people who have come to realize this is not a good thing and have gotten out of these practices. Check out you tube , look up like “ dangers of yoga “. Or “ why I stopped teaching yoga and reiki to follow Jesus “by Jessica Smith. Seriously it’s prudent to check the source of any practice you do.

2 years ago

This experience began for me by having my hand shaken by a man who I knew was enlightened. It has been a blessing, despite the overall sense of a dark night of the soul being overpowering, and I’m not sure if this gift was intentionally given to me, or I accidentally ‘took’ something from him. He didn’t seem terribly interested to talk to me about it. Since that meeting – which it has taken me 3 years to realize this – I have discovered that I had been brainwashed into not living up to my potential. To say it is shocking is an understatement. I am still a mess; I don’t like meditation or yoga, and the only thing I’m drawn to do is write and come up with theories due to this gift, some of which have come in the form of mandalas, but I’m also terrified due to my longstanding trauma. It has been my path to finding the ‘me’ that was lost, and due to my traumatic history those two letters have taken on new meaning as I wasn’t ‘supposed to’ believe in myself at all or know I have any creative talent that ‘threatened’ people around me due to their envious natures; in fact, someone wished that I wouldn’t be here today to say even this. Now I feel like I am capable of finding a ‘me’ that is real but I still have those feelings associated with my history. It is bizarre. So much of my life has just become clear. None of the therapists have ever understood because I couldn’t tell them… Because I was brainwashed without knowing, and you’re not supposed to know that! But I’d always known something was just *off*; I felt muted somehow, and like I couldn’t enjoy any hobbies or interests. Overall, I always sounded like I was talking coherently; little did they know I may as well have been speaking gibberish as whatever came out was just a cover-up I didn’t even recognize for my entire Being having been seized from me. No wonder I was so frustrated that no one seemed to understand me or “meet me” where I was. Ya… I ask any person who hasn’t experienced this to understand that! ^^; Thank-you for your post!

2 years ago

guys story sounds much like my own experience, as do others that I have just read here.
This happened to me in 2005 and again in 2013.
I did wake up to find most others asleep.
It was challenging in the sense that I had no understanding at the time as to what had happened.
It was very isolating in the sense that attempting to explain or share this with any one, like Guy, had them believing I was suffering from madness and psychosis at one point.
I admitted myself into a hospital as everyone around me told me I was suffering with mental health issues.
I too went searching in an attempt to understand what was happening to me, hence finding this site today.
I have not found a guru, although I managed to find books, that answered a lot of my questions.
Thank you for sharing this knowing, as I have no doubt there are others experiencing this, who will greatly benefit from this platform.

Lisette Scabar
3 years ago

I have been been meditating daily for the past 6 months and have experienced some movement of energy through my body on quite a few occasions, but nothing like what happened two days ago! AFTER my meditation I felt a flash of energy enter the top of my head, shoot into my throat and then exit my body (I think)…I was laying there trying to figure out what just happened when all of a sudden my body just seemed to collapse inward and kind of fall away but at the same time I was deep inside my body watching, I could actually see the most intense energy coursing through my body,it really scared the hec out of me, so much so that I tried to scream but I couldnt move my body or my mouth. Then I all of a sudden was thrust upward and out of my body, I actually left my body behind and broke through some bubble to some other dimenition, there was light and patterns of energy etc, but I wasn’t there for very long because I was so scared I was fighting it even though I know Im probably suppose to surrender. It was just so violent. Has anyone here ever experienced anything like this of know what just happened to me??

Just Asking
3 years ago

I am struggling to understand why one would desire to follow a practice that might produce psychotic symptoms.

3 years ago

I had a forced kundalini experience thru a so called yoga master by the name of Subramuniya. His “ashram” is over in Kauai. He physically bear hugged me against my will, I tried to push him away. I ended up
“drowning” in light, just like Gopi Krishna’s description. It was so traumatic for me I forgot about it for over 35 years. Nothing good came out of it, is all I can say. The current guru joker there (Bhodinatha) says it was because I had taken LSD and my karma was out of sequence? By the way Subramuniya instructed my father to bring me from Philadelphia, PA to San Franciso, CA which was the LSD capital of the world in 1969. My “event” occured approx. in 1975 and I had been drug free for 2 years.
If my father was still alive today, I would not hesitate to sue Subramuniya’s gang in court, just to have it published. He was the eye witness to what happened to me.

3 years ago

Weird. I tried Kundalini yoga once when trying to attain enlightenment, about 15 yrs ago. I became deathly ill shortly after and do recall reading how it’s bad to do (though several factors in my illness, could have something to do with)

Amilda Padilla
3 years ago

This is so true but people dont have belief in it that could destroy love with love ones but I feel you can only be your own yogo teacher in life to feel that true spiritual feelings and let ybpour heart guide u to the right path if u think it’s to much for u I know cause my life experiences what am going is so true of what I read here today and with my experience am going through is so real what I just read from people comments

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