The Healing Power of Singing Bowls

The Healing Power of Singing Bowls
Creating Connection with Sound

Every sound is sacred. – Tanpai Rinpoche

The vibration of the ancient singing bowls helps the spirit to find solace and to calm down the mind. After a while, the brain is unable to interpret the intense vibrations and therefore slows down and excludes the overload of information which is inducing a relaxed state of mind. At this moment we become able to connect to our inner self.

Our body consists of a number of energy channels (meridians) through which our life force (chi, prana, ether) flows. These meridians are concentrated in seven large energy centers, the so-called chakras. We are born with a very pure, high-resonance vibrancy. But all the negative influences on our body, mind, and soul create subconscious energy blocks which might manifest in diseases or other kinds of physical issues.

Below is the Earth, above is the Sky, and inside you the Ladder. – Sándor Weöres, Hungarian poet


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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


4 years ago

singing bowls are uplifting and very special
their unique vibrations resonate .. heal ..
I recorded the sound when I was pregnant and played for awhile whilst giving birth a pure sound connecting our soul with the earth

Ute Biermann
4 years ago

Glad to read this article. I was in Nepal some years ago and brought a bowel which I use to make thé sounds that gives me joy .now knowing that it hélps my inner sidè, gives me thé assurance of what I feel. Thanks,

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