The Habits of Happiness

The Habits of Happiness
Secrets from "the world's happiest man"

What is happiness and how can we succeed in our quest for it?  Buddhist monk, author, photographer and former biochemist, also known as “the world’s happiest man,” due to his participation in a 12-year brain study on happiness and compassion, has devoted his life to these questions.

His answer is influenced by his faith as well as by his scientific turn of mind. He says we can absolutely train our minds in habits of happiness.

Somehow consciously or not, whatever we do, hope or dream of is related to a deep profound desire for well-being or happiness. And although we want to avoid suffering it seems we are running somewhat towards it. He clarifies confusions and shows the difference between happiness and pleasure, saying that rather than happiness we should be focused on well-being, which is a deep sense of serenity and fulfilment. Something that is a state that is underlying, beneath all of the other emotions and things that come and go.

This wonderful talk is interwoven with stunning images of the Himalayas and gives a spiritual as well as scientific diagnosis of happiness.

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