The Greatest Thing that Ever Happened to Me

BY Kristoffer Allen Mabalot
The Greatest Thing that Ever Happened to Me
Three Words to Say ...

The greatest thing that ever happened to me

Occurred in the very end of the month of three

There I met the person that I’d treasure

Filled with the love that I can assure


DAYS have passed as we familiarize 

and MONTHS have been counted for the dreams that arise

Lasting a YEAR is the goal we achieve

for the FUTURE that we are longing to weave


But things won’t do just as we wanted

For the feelings that we kept have parted

The fightings that we hate have started

Those problems with heart and doubt bonded


Clinging with memories is ONE thing that I knew

To help my heart for forgiveness to grew

Hoping for a day or TWO, you’d forgive me too

For I have THREE words to say, “I LOVE YOU”



BY Kristoffer Allen Mabalot
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