The Gathering

I heard her crying as I'd done so many times before...

but as I listened close this time such joy I heard – be sure
she called to me “Come quickly here and see what I can see”
and as I entered our bedroom she waved her arms in glee
she pointed to the ceiling with a smile upon her face
“The Gathering,” she whispered soft “they’ve offered me their Grace.”

Electric shocks ran up my spine as I just stood in awe
as Heaven sang a welcome song her happiness I saw
she passed on two nights later with our kiss said “It’s ok,
I’ll see you in another time, we’ll meet again one day.”
then as I closed her eyes I cried, my heart-felt tears ran free
I thanked her for the love she’d shown and all she’d given me.

Now in our daughter’s eyes, I see her mother’s bounty bright
and we live in her honour, with her humble guiding light.

BY Garth
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Dianne Quinn
4 years ago

Brought tears to my eyes. Bless you and your daughter.

4 years ago

When our daughter was 1 1/2 years old her mother Helen was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic subcutaneous melanoma and I was told to prepare myself as they believed she had 6-12 weeks at most to live.

She actually lasted almost 12 months and passed away gracefully in her own bed and I became a pseudo-mother to our daughter. 9 years later this poem came to me and I captured it. It was subsequently voted Poem of the Month for March 2013 on the website ‘FanStory’ and I received emails from all over the planet thanking me for the solace it was providing them.

This touched me greatly as Helen was the most compassionate person who would do anything for anybody hurting, she felt their pain. Now indirectly she is touching even more people than she could ever have imagined and providing solace in the eternal quest of confronting our own mortality. Thank you Uplift for providing this platform whereby The Gathering can touch an even wider audience.

Matt Starr
4 years ago

from liver transplant, ensuing decade of complications, to last month with my brain filled with too much ammonia from the scarred liver, falling asleep at the wheel and fracuring 14 spinal vertebraes, to the pysical recovery,with limitations but changing, to this transformation spiritual transformation and deep study of of the Divine Matrix and my courses earlier with Energy Medicine Healing and Alberto Villoldo. I’m soaring to heights I never know were possible, and I feel like for all the physical struggles this explosion of Spirit in my life is worth it I’ll take it

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