The Connection between Women and Water

BY Jacob Devaney
The Connection between Women and Water
The Waterbearers campaign is empowering Women and cleaning the Water

While many people in the world turn on a tap and have a surge of water flowing out, around 880 million people in the world have no access to clean water. This problem is exacerbated as 85% of the world’s population lives in the driest part of the planet.

This year, World Water Day and International Women’s Day joined efforts to infuse these two important movements with a project that will have major and lasting impact around the world. Thanks to the Water Bearers you can be part of making history while also quenching the thirsts of those who are less fortunate!

The Waterbearers is an organisation inspiring women who have access to clean water to get water to those who don’t.

Alt text hereAccess to clean water is a global issue

Success Story

This year, filters were delivered to Kichwa People in Yasuni National Park, home to the most biodiverse area in the entire Amazon which was made famous in 2013 by Chevron’s oil spill, and massive drilling. Similar to many communities across the planet, the Kichwa women collect water and are responsible for the health of their families. The Water Bearers left the Kichwa with 150 filters to distribute up and down the river. Each filter can purify water for 100 people for 10 years!

In asking Water Bearer Representatives if there was resistance to them at first, considering the history of the locals poor experiences with foreigners coming into their country and creating an environmental disaster on their land, natives were wary at first but after seeing the positive results of purified water, the local women were enrolled. The biggest hurdle was making sure the women continually use the filters as it does take around 10 minutes to filter, and also changes their traditional way of collecting water.

Alt text hereSuccessfully filtered water for Amazon tribes

A Collaboration that Includes You

The Waterbearers has partnered with Waves for Water to activate a global movement of women who are determined to amplify love and healing for those who most need it. There is nothing more noble than for men to support the women in their lives to accomplish this important endeavor. The goal is simple:

Our Goal is for 100 Women to lead a 30-day fundraising campaign. Each Team Leader has a Goal of 100 Water Systems. Each System serves 100 people for a total of One Million people reached with clean water. 100% of your Donation goes to the cost of the filter and distribution program via our partner Waves For Water.


Each of us was brought into this world through the watery womb of our mother. We are made of water and together we can have the power of the ocean to create waves of beautiful change around the world. It is only fitting that this global movement is being initiated by women and supported by men who are dedicated to spark a compassionate revolution around the element that gives life to us all, water.

Watch: The Waterbearers

World Water Day Background

An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day. -World Water Day Website

As fresh waterways diminish or have been contaminated, access to clean water has become a major issue in both developed nations (as Americans have recently seen in Flint), and in developing nations. World Water Day is celebrated in March but water needs to be a priority every day. Currently over 37 million people die each year from water-borne diseases. The need to increase public awareness and generate community involvement is at an all-time high.

Expressing love is the best way to nurture relationships of all forms. When we love our garden we will spend time with it, this will make our plants blossom and bloom with vibrancy. When we express love to children they beam with joy and grow into kind, nurturing adults. Everyone has their own way to show love, it is a creative act of honoring, appreciating and connecting. When we don’t show love we see the opposite effect of darkness, violence and despair creep in. Of all the things that connects life on this planet water is perhaps the most important, yet we rarely take time to love water. -Huffington Post

Alt text hereResponding to the global water crisis

Bless the Water

#blessthewater is this years theme for the World Water Day Global Meditation hosted by Uplift, Unify, Shift Network, and others. The best way to actually bless the water is to actively work towards protecting it, and purifying it because doing so will also bless all of life. In previous years there have been thousands of people in communities around the world going to sacred water sites for ceremony on World Water Day. This year, the movement takes things to a whole new level with real-world action, and an ongoing campaign!

Join us here online to see a special guided meditation and the FREE world premiere of the new film ‘Water is Sacred’, created by Uplift, and filmed in Rishikesh, India. It begins with a blessing. It continues with restoring, replenishing and cleansing the World’s Water.

Alt text herePraying for the waters of the world

Join Us

A large movement of actions across the globe has already begun! Unify, Uplift, and Shift Network invite you to join us in supporting the Water Bearers. You can participate by visiting Water Bearers, and by helping us spread the message to your networks. We are made of water and together we can create unprecedented change as we make waves of love across the planet!

Feature Image Artwork by: Annelie Solis

BY Jacob Devaney
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5 years ago

We are Seawater….. walking aquariums…. Drink Seawater is your blood twinn and free… The seawater drinkers, bless the ocean mother of them all, Oxum Neptun Cibeles Jesus

Somos aguademar, peceras andantes, Bebe agua de mar, Los bebedores de aguademar bendecimos las aguas oceanicas madres de la vida y a todas las deidades que la han representado, Cibeles, Neptuno, Oxum, Jesus, Buddha
Just drinking some seawater we get rehidratated and all of the minerals of the mendelev,s in the perfect amount to our bodies, go and learn something that should be shown since our early days…. we are saltwater, seawater, now a day in the isotonic proportion 2/5

WAter is my blood, seawater!!! Water I love you

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