Thank You

In Gratitude to this Life

Thank you for the gift of consciousness

For open-mindedness

For clarity of intention

For the release of the old

And the willingness to embrace, now,

Our limitless potential


Thank you for the gift of vision

That we may see and appreciate and contribute to

The beauty of this wonderous creation


Thank you for the gift of speech

That through our words we may offer 

Comfort, kindness, truth and inspiration


Thank you for the gift of Love

That we may share and receive

The sweet tenderness of Being


Thank you for the gift of realization

That we may intimately know

The Divinity of our Being


Thank you for the gift of knowledge

That we may have the wisdom 

To learn from our mistakes

And the possibility to intelligently co-create


Thank you for the gift of life

For vitality and healing

That we may Be and give

The very best of ourselves

BY Chandra Levy
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Trudy Van der Geest
2 years ago

Thank you for touching my heart

Gaylyn Kaufman
3 years ago

Thank you for giving beautiful words to gratitude!

About Creativity
3 years ago

Very good.

Paul C Pritchard
3 years ago

So beautiful, true, and simply elegant … Thank you

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