Tents to Nepal

Tents to Nepal
Tents are urgently needed. Donate Now.

The recent earthquake in Nepal has led to over a million families being left without a roof just before Monsoon season. Many of these people are in remote areas where it has been difficult to deliver effective aid. UPLIFT are teaming up with the ‘Tents to Nepal’ initiative to get immediate relief to where it is needed most on the ground. Time is of the essence in this effort, so please donate as generously as possible to this initiative.

Tents For Nepal Buddha in Rubble

Tents have already been delivered on the ground to villages in Gorhka province- where the epicentre of the quake was- that had previously received no aid. Tents To Nepal partners ABARI, a Nepalese design and construction company, and Believers, a network of young volunteers, are on the ground in Dwaha, Aampipal, Taklung, and Barpac- devastated villages in Gorkha- building shelters with bamboo and canvas tents.

Operate from Love quote from Bharat Mitra

100% of your contribution will go directly to paying for the canvas that is needed for the Tent production facility that has been set up in Kanpur, Northern India and for shipping tents and supplies into Nepal. This crisis provides us with an opportunity to model Love In Action, and to work together with our partners in Nepal and India to demonstrate the basic human goodness that is our intrinsic nature. Rather than seeing this as charity, we invite you to see this as co-creation in action, where we work together for the greatest good of all.

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