Teen Designs Free Energy Device

Teen Designs Free Energy Device
Is a World Powered by Free Energy Possible?

Who would imagine that a young teenager could put together some wire and other materials and create a device that is able to pull energy from the atmosphere? Well, a young American teen, Max Loughan, did just this, and now his amazing device is well on the way to being replicated and set-up to help those who most need it.

Max’s original device, created by experimenting in his home lab, was made up of a coffee tin, spoon, two coils, and some wire. It cost him just 15 bucks, and he used it to light up his twin brother (who he wrapped up like a Christmas tree) in LED Lights.

Max calls his invention an Energy Harvesting Gathering device or EHG. “Harvesters have already been created, but I have created a harvester that is different to everyone else’s. It looks similar, but the whole thing is that others collect [only] one type of energy. I thought up a way to really look at the bigger picture, and not just receive one type of energy.”

Max Loughan's device is well on the way to being replicated and set-up to help those who most need it.Max’s device is well on the way to being replicated.

Bringing Light to the World

Max has revised his original invention five times, and come up with a tiny 1 inch by 1.5-inch device, by miniaturising all the elements of the original. He says this refined device costs just five dollars to make.

I spoke with Max about his next steps with his invention: “My main priority right now is to get some of my other inventions out into the world, and to get this invention to the 68 million displaced people out there who really need it.”

He wants to attach an LED light to the device, which would be able to light a room and is considering an add on so it can also power up a mobile phone. His vision is that each refugee or displaced person would have one of his devices and be able to have light. He plans to ship out the devices to refugee camps in troubled areas. Currently, he can get 3 volts out of each one of his units but this depends on where the unit is located, and in remote areas, there are fewer forces to pull current from.

I can’t protect and give shelter to these people, but I think I can give them light.

Max's priority is to get his invention to the people who really need it.Max’s priority is to get his invention to the people who really need it.

Max’s Dad, Rob Loughan, says his son is also working on the technology to daisy chain the Energy Harvesting Gathering devices, and he really doesn’t know yet how far he can go with it.

There has been an outpouring of support from all over the world, from all kinds of people, from Muslims to Africans. Everyone just wants Max to be successful because he represents hope for the next generation.

Speaking with Max, I could feel what a truly inspirational and open-hearted person he is, with a genuine desire, and incredible focus and determination, to take action to help people.

Earlier this year, Max spoke at the Nexus Global Youth Summit at the United Nations. Max and his brother, Jack, are the youngest members of Nexus (a global movement to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship, in order to accelerate global solutions), and the organisation is supporting Max’s work. He has also had offers from other organisations and individuals to finance a prototype he is currently working on.

The visionary teen says he loves solving problems. “From day one, I knew that I was put on this earth for a reason. And that reason was to help the world.”

The visionary teen says he loves solving problems.The visionary teen says he loves solving problems.

The Next Great Genius?

The young inventor is inspired by Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla – Max’s energy harvesting machine is a little similar to the Tesla coil, invented over 75 years ago. His homemade device harvests electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere and then converts it to current, which can be used to power electrical devices. Max says his electrical harvester gets its power from radio waves and from both thermal and static energy.

Max creates his inventions in his Nevada home – specifically in his parent’s boiler room, which has been converted into a lab. The teen scientist is a lover of comics and an athlete. He believes he has a winning combination of the knowledge of a scientist and the imagination of a 13-year-old. He is also working on some other projects, including a real rocket engine, a design for a fusion engine, and has designed his own robot that can perform some basic tasks.

Free Energy Technologies are Real

With 1.2 billion people in the world living without access to electricity, solving the world’s power issues is one sure way to create a better future for all. The quest for better energy and energy solutions has been taken up by inventors and scientists for generations. In addition to the more well-known geniuses, like Nikola Tesla, many others have also tried to provide clean energy for all.

Some other inventors include Troy Reed, the creator of the first electric car, and Stanley Meyer, who invented a car that runs on water. And Dr. Robert Adams developed designs of electric motors, generators, and heaters that run on permanent magnets. But it’s Max’s hero, genius, Nikola Tesla, dubbed the Father of Free Energy, who first came up with the technology to power the world for free.

Max's hero, Nikola Tesla, has been dubbed the Father of Free energy.Max’s hero, Nikola Tesla, has been dubbed the Father of Free energy.

He did this through harnessing electricity from the Earth’s ionosphere by means of towers. Tesla believed in the radiant power of the universe and identified radiant energy with the source of this energy being the sun, cosmic rays, and the earth. His Wardenclyffe Tower Project looked promising, but as a new future looked possible, Tesla’s funding was cut and his lab burnt down, along with all his experiments.

Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas or any other fuels. – Nikola Tesla

Inventing a Better Future

Max Loughan is determined to provide answers for global problems that could utterly transform our world. “Inventing means finding a solution. And if you find a solution you can help others find a solution.”

So what’s next for this wonder kid? When I ask him what he most wants to do, he says he has many different projects he wants to undertake to help the world. He believes people are not working fast enough to find new technologies to change the world and stop destroying it.

“I think I’m definitely going to have the technology to make coal and Coal Seam Gas mining obsolete. That’s not the question, the question is: will I go down without a fight?”

Currently taking online courses at MIT, Max and his twin brother, Jack, have started up a company, Loughan Labs, with a focus on bringing new technologies for social change.

If you have a problem, don’t wait for it to be solved. Solve it yourself and invent a better future. – Max Loughan

Max Loughan with his Free Energy Device.

In a world where our environment is being ravaged by mining, and the future of humanity is uncertain, is a clean, universal source of free energy just a pipe dream, or could it truly change the face of our world today? Only time will tell, but this young inventor is certainly worth watching, and our internet (conceived of by Nikola Tesla) will quite possibly ensure the emancipation of power in all ways, but more specifically, it may support inventions like Max’s that could ensure energy becomes available to all people, while averting the destruction of planet Earth.

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1 year ago

who believes in free energy, THERES NO FREE ENERGY. “MEHDI SADGAR”
Free energy is fucking imagination, the real definition of free energy is
“harvesting energy without anything” example air, water or heat and etc.

1 year ago


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2 years ago

Is he still alive?

Andrebon Obrero
3 years ago

Just this grateful of passing through the article posted ❤

Eduard Nikolaishvili
3 years ago

In Georgia, we have all this for a long time already. these are problems in America and in Western Europe.

Eduard Nikolaishvili
3 years ago
Allen Titan
3 years ago

Hi Prayag nao,It’s a great article. I really watching for tesla free energy . Very helpful and interesting article. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day. There are many comments that glorified this article but couldn’t leave before saying something. Simply written nice article indeed. It was very helpful for me!

sakib sojib
3 years ago

It’s a great article. I really watching for tesla free energy . Very helpful and interesting article. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day. There are many comments that glorified this article but couldn’t leave before saying something. Simply written nice article indeed. It was very helpful for me!

Randall Drescher
3 years ago

Keep up the good work. You are my hero. Be humble.Seek knowledge and wisdom. You are a good person.

Joe Blow
4 years ago

It’s a total scam and has been proved as such. You can get energy from the air, it’s called sunshine shining on solar panels, which just convert one form of energy into another. This kid is trying to change the laws of physics and many are being taken in by it.

Thomas Ferko
4 years ago

Just how is this made? Need complete building plans.

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4 years ago

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Mark Williams
4 years ago

Do your research and learn what happens to inventors like Stan Myers who harnessed “real” free energy. Thanks M

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5 years ago

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Gunnar Gervin
5 years ago

Cool device. It is right that the enrgy is not free; it is waste energy from electric devices, electric transport and radio waves. Free as in free of charge. Really cool would be to take energy from the rotation of the planet. Would need 1-2 satelite/s going in opposite direction. Basically to have a fix-point outside the planet.

6 years ago

Why don’t you do any research before you post an article on upliftconnect.com? No one told the kid that this invention’s been around since the early 20th century. It’s called a crystal radio. It doesn’t “take energy from the air”, it takes it from the electric fields created by a radio antenna. It doesn’t generate free energy, it gains back a minuscule amount of that which is wasted during a radio frequency broadcast. This is all described in Faraday’s Law of Induction, which states that any change in the magnetic environment of a coil will induce voltage into the coil. The electric fields from radio waves change the magnetic environment of the coils he’s wrapped around the coffee cans, thus, an electric current is generated. At least, an extremely small one. And whatever radio listeners might be behind the crystal radio are going to get an obscured signal.

It’s extremely dishonest to say that this invention generates energy out of thin air. The kid, if he really were a physics nut, would at least know of the law of conservation of energy. It is physically impossible to create new energy. All energy comes from somewhere. This device essentially taps into the electric fields that radio towers produce with energy from a power plant.

The kid, unfortunately, missed an important step in the scientific method: Background research. If you notice a new effect, you better be damned sure you’re the first person to notice it, otherwise you’ll just embarrass yourself trying to discover something that was discovered a hundred years ago.

6 years ago

its a cool idea but all i see is a lot of talk and no real facts or theories on its function

6 years ago

Hmm. I wonder how many ?s his free energy device generates, and if it will overcome the resistance of the fossil fuel industry.

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