Stop Searching for Your Passion

Stop Searching for Your Passion
A Fresh Approach to Living Life with Purpose

Today, “what’s your passion?” has become a loaded term for so many. It is hailed as the key to a successful career and life purpose. Yet, perhaps instead of supporting freedom and purpose, this question is triggering stress and leaving many people feeling inadequate.

We somehow think something is wrong with us if we don’t know what our passion is. So, are we asking the right question?

Terri Trespicio is a branding strategist helping visionaries, entrepreneurs, and experts to communicate potently across media platforms. She says passion is not a job, a sport, or even a hobby. It is the full force of your attention that you give to something that is right in front of you.  “Passion is not a plan, it’s a feeling. And feeling’s change.”  She says it is elitist and unrealistic to think your job should fit into the passion mould, and to use passion as the yardstick to judge everything is tunnel vision.

“There’s a dangerously limiting idea at the heart of everything we believe about success and life in general and that is, that you have one singular passion and its your job to find it, pursue it to the exclusion of everything else and if you do, everything will fall into place. And if you don’t, you’ve failed.”

Enjoy Terri’s engaging advice on living life well.

Feature: Frankie Cordoba.
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