Stephen Jenkinson: Transforming the Language of Death

Stephen Jenkinson: Transforming the Language of Death
Wisdom from a man who's life mission is to change the way we die

Griefwalker, Stephen Jenkinson, has been at the deathbed of more than a thousand people. He says death can be a wondrous and empowering mystery but we need to start talking about it differently.

“I don’t think the problem was that we weren’t talking about dying…the dilemma was, and has always been, and remains, what are we saying when we talk about dying?

The principle habits of the mind and the psyche are always manifest in the language…In a culture that’s allegedly speaking more and more about death all the time…The word ‘die’ doesn’t appear very often, the word ‘death’ even less, and ‘dead’ hardly at all.”

A former leader of a palliative care team, here Stephen shares his views on how to support death to be a positive process.

About our Guest:

Stephen Jenkinson is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching house and learning house for the skills of deep living and making human culture.He is the author of Die Wise and the subject of the film Griefwalker.

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Margaret Coles
3 years ago

I am so excited that my daughter sent this to me this morning. I cared for the elderly and frail for some decades and witnessed many a passing, with colours swirling around the patient, spirit voices, breezes, orbs. A privilege and confirmation. I was linked with Elizabeth K Ross decades ago and in 1999 finally awarded a certificate from Felicity Warner as a Soul Midwife. Now 80 years old my own transition is nearer. I would love to link with UPLIFT. Sincerely, with love. Margaret Coles.

3 years ago

i also would like this talk in writing if at all possible please!

marieke eebes
3 years ago

Is this talk with stephen Jenkinson in writing? I love his talk and would like to take the time to read it.

Mary Redman
3 years ago

I am a retired Oncology nurse and was a fan of Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s writings. I felt that because I did not believe death was an ending but more of a transformation that it made be a better Oncology nurse. Where some of the nurses I worked with had a hard time dealing with the subject they would ask me to talk to their patient.

Eileen Marie Komar
6 years ago

Energy of a being is and will always be energy can not dissipate therefore the mystery is for sure what we should ponder wish them well on thier new excistance to next realm dimension or whatever awaits.

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