Soulful Fragments to Touch Your Heart

Soulful Fragments to Touch Your Heart
Words that Will Speak to Your Soul

As it turns out, life actually isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s an undress rehearsal. We come down here time and time again to practice shedding our ego armor until we can step on the stage of eternity, naked and exposed before God, as God. Exit, cloud left…

~ ~ ~

I miss my heart when it closes.

~ ~ ~

There’s no such thing as a fully realized master. That’s just a hustle. We all have work to do. That’s why we’re here. To get a little closer…

Truth is a mountainWhen our view is blocked, we know that we still have work to do in the valleys below. Image: Mohsen Shenavari


The mythic life begins with our feet firmly planted on Mother Earth. We begin with the root chakra—the quest for Om begins at home—and we work our way up from there. Once the root chakra is satisfied, we proceed to the next chakras. As we heal and expand, there emerges a natural and sustainable movement upward, toward God. With our soles firmly planted, our soul has a leg to stand on in its efforts to go higher. From sole to soul—a sustainable connection to the Godself, one we can heartfully rely on.

~ ~ ~

It is important to grant yourself permission to wander as part of your spiritual journey. So often mischaracterized as lostness, there is a kind of immersion in the not knowing that is actually quite necessary if we are going to find our way home. So much information can come up when we are looking in no particular direction. By surrendering to the unknown, we create the space for a deeper knowing to emerge. In the heart of the not knowing, the paths that we are here to walk reveal themselves.

~ ~ ~

The monkey mind feeds on ‘small peanuts’: tireless anxieties, petty jealousies, fearful imaginings. Starve it by swimming in a vast ocean of delight.

Permit yourself to wander“By surrendering to the unknown, we create the space for a deeper knowing to emerge.” Image: Jeremy Bishop


Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, but it’s essential that it arises organically. Many of us claim to have forgiven, while still holding toxic emotions below the surface: the forgiveness bypass. The truth is that we cannot will ourselves into forgiveness. If we try to forgive before we have worked through the feelings, inauthenticity blocks our path. We cannot be real because we’re not emotionally real. Our heart is still back there.

~ ~ ~

The real journey is not one of adapting yourself to someone else’s vision, but instead, shaping who you are with your own two hands. The karmic clay you work with lives deep inside your soul bones, awaiting your detection and expression. You are the sculptor of your own reality—don’t hand your tools to anyone else.

~ ~ ~

God is an equal opportunity transformer. Everyone has access, everyone stands a chance. So long as we are willing to do the work necessary to clarify our inner channel, the universe will bring us boundless opportunities to shape our soul.

~ ~ ~

‘The School of Heart Knocks’ is an ongoing institution of higher learning. You don’t get out until you’re God.

Sculpt your own reality“You are the sculptor of your own reality—don’t hand your tools to anyone else.” Image: Quino Al

~ ~ ~

There is such a fine line between relational passion and avoidant intensities. There were moments when my passionate nature was a direct reflection of my aliveness, but there were others when I was just using intensity and drama as a coping strategy, a way to actually hide from a deeper experience of the moment, some kind of addictive anti-mellow drama that procrastinated my relationship with reality. Somewhere below the drama was my real life, waiting in the wings to be lived. It was scary, but it called to me, reminding me that there is more to this life than a sidestepping of the inner world. There is the avoidant life, and then there is the one that is vulnerably true.

~ ~ ~

You can look for a relationship, but you can’t look for love. Love finds you when it’s ready.

~ ~ ~

This article consists of excerpts from Jeff Brown’s book, Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground, republished here with permission.

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5 years ago

I too was a really tough nut to crack open, to see what’s inside me.

5 years ago

Very true and insightful!!!
Thank you ? for sharing such wonderful guidance and inspiration!!!

Peace, love, & light.

6 years ago

” I miss my heart when it closes” Profound, thank you.

6 years ago

Inspiring and uplifting

6 years ago

This is absolutely beautiful and truly inspiring. Thank you ❤️

6 years ago

Mellow drama?

6 years ago

The part about forgiveness resonates with me at this very moment. I’ve always believed that forgiveness doesn’t come with just saying it. There’s work to be done. People say “you have to/you must forgive” but with no tools. There’s work in forgiveness. My personal forgiveness with my Father was taking my personal story out of it and taking a step away to dissect his life. Understanding what made him the man he was. It’s not until I saw him as a man and not my Father that I was able to forgive him.
This is where forgiveness comes from. Taking ourselves out of the story and seeing that person. I hope this helps just one person. It was such an amazing life lesson for me.

6 years ago

Only one word- BEAUTIFUL!

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