Sophie Weldon: Why Stories Heal

Sophie Weldon: Why Stories Heal
What Role Can Storytelling Play in Shaping a Better Future?

Sophie Weldon has experienced first hand the profound impact that one story can have when she became friends with Adut Dau Atem, a former refugee.

Adut’s story and their friendship inspired Sophie to stand up for things that she believed in and to found HumanKind Enterprises, a digital storytelling initiative which fosters connection.

Writing her story…..completely peeled open the world for me. Particularly the concept that my little life could contribute to a bigger world.

Sophie says the human need for stories goes back to our earliest days and gives meaning to life demonstrating our interconnectedness to the world around us.

From an evolutionary point of view, stories were needed for people to survive, to learn to not make the same mistakes, to be able to take care of one another, to be able to believe in something beyond yourself.

Using inflatable storytelling booths, Sophie’s organisation is harnessing the power of stories to foster connection and to enhance acceptance, collaboration, wellbeing, and resilience.

Hear how Sophie Weldon’s inflatable storytelling booths are transforming individual lives and communities.

About Our Guests:

Sophie Weldon is a Filmmaker and Founder and Director of Humankind Enterprises, a social business and mobile digital storytelling project.

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