Small Goals – Big Wins

BY Jeannine Sanderson
Small Goals – Big Wins
What's Your Road to Success?

If you want to achieve lasting success, set a goal SO SMALL you can’t fail, and then build on it incrementally. 

Yes, you read that right … Curious? Read on!

I’m sure most people have read on the logic and wisdom of setting really big goals. Quotes like “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” Illustrate this popular train of thought. BUT, could setting goals so small you can’t fail to be the best way to install the habits that allow you to achieve those big goals? 

There is much to be said for the power of small wins. The positive feeling that tells the brain the action is worth doing again. Anyone who has attempted to change or create a new habit, knows the struggles involved. Could making tiny, easily achieved goals be the secret to success? It takes approximately eight days to set a habit and twenty-one to sixty-six to make it permanent. If what you are attempting to do is difficult or time consuming, you may not get through the first eight, leaving little chance of success. Let’s say you have the desire to do fifty push ups every morning and you make that your goal. You drag yourself out of bed early, motivated to succeed. You get through twenty-five and realize that you are way out of shape and this may be too much. The next morning you wake up too sore to do any more, so you hit the snooze and decide to try again tomorrow … you feel the sting of defeat early and your goal goes by the wayside.

Now, let’s say you desire to do fifty push-ups every morning but recognize the challenges ahead, so you make your goal to do three push-ups for the first week and add on for each week that follows. You don’t have to get up early, you wrap off your three push-ups with ease and start your day feeling accomplished. The next day you do the same and so the daily routine is set. On week two, six push-ups are no sweat and you see the progress. You may be tempted to do more, but you understand this is not about what you are capable of, it is about creating a sustainable habit. You can begin to increase the number every four days if you wish but slow and easy is the strategy here. By three weeks you are pumping out twenty push-ups and feeling accomplished – your goal is in sight!

There’s more than one road that leads to success, you just have to find the one that fits you best. Wishing you joy, peace and empowerment.

BY Jeannine Sanderson
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