Shai Shriki: Music Without Borders

Shai Shriki: Music Without Borders
Why one man wants to record the music of refugee camps.

Shai Shriki’s earliest memories of music are of his grandfather reaching for his oud and singing traditional songs at family dinners. Music is embedded in his cultural DNA and he has always believed in its power to bring people together and heal rifts.

Growing up in one of the planet’s most contested spaces, the Israeli born musician knows first hand the healing power of music.

“It just leaves everything behind, the hatred, the breaking news, the heaviness of a war zone, and it brings people to connect on other levels that are joyful and meaningful…when you come together and you experience something with someone who is in a conflict with you, some type of an enemy, it brings you straight into an understanding that there are actually no walls between you.”

Shai Shriki is embarking on a journey to the refugee camps of Greece to unearth the musicians within and share their personal stories.

More than 60,000 people now live in Greek camps, making do with the handouts and sparse foreign aid that trickles in. Shai Shriki plans to listen, collaborate and record the music and stories of these people and then share them with the world.

“I just want to try and put a smile on their faces, that’s my goal. I don’t think I’m going to fix the world, I’m not going to build houses for a hundred thousand people, but I would definitely try and make their day better.”

About Our Guests:

Shai Shriki is a vocalist, oud and guitar player, and composer and writer of contemporary music. He focuses on traditional sounds from the Middle East, Hebrew songs, and Spanish guitar.

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Thanks for the podcast. You are great at finding interesting guests.

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