Robin Grille: Raising Children for a Peaceful Future

Robin Grille: Raising Children for a Peaceful Future
Is There a 'Right Way' to Raise Children?

Today’s children have the potential to create a more peaceful world in the future. But they have a higher chance of being peaceful adults if they are raised in a certain way. In fact, some say that the way a generation, or nation, operates reflects the dominant parenting style of that era or culture. So much so, that even the foreign policy of a nation and the way the environment is treated by society partially comes down to parenting. 

But how do we parent in order to raise the type of leaders we want to see in the future? While it might seem like a lot of pressure, psychologist and author, Robin Grille, is here to help you on the path of peaceful parenting. 

Robin Grille is the internationally acclaimed author of Parenting for a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting. In this podcast, he shares his insights and the latest research, proving that a peaceful future and harmonious community begins in the home.

As we become more empathic in parenting and education, the inevitable result is a recalibration of the world economy into a more empathy based economy.

About Our Guest:

Robin Grille is a psychologist in private practice and a parenting educator. His articles on parenting and child development have been widely published and translated in Australia and around the world. Robin’s first book Parenting for a Peaceful World has received international acclaim and led to speaking engagements around Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Canada. His second book Heart to Heart Parenting is now translated into Korean and German. Robin’s work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is largely dependent on the way we collectively relate to our children.


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