Rewiring your Brain for Creativity
Can you learn to be the next Mozart or Shakespeare? Find out what this expert has to say on reaching our creative potential.
How can we rewire our brains to make the most of our inherent creativity? Research shows that creative practice reduces stress and improves problem solving. All it takes is ten minutes a day to exercise your creative muscle.
Dominique Falla, author of Creativity Fitness, says that in spending just 20-minutes a day,  we can ALL become creative – it’s just that some of us have let our ‘creative muscle’ get a bit flabby. She explains what creativity can do for our health and brain.

If you’re too busy to be creative, then you need to definitely need to be making time to be creative, because it just lifts your energy.

Dominique says she tries to build her life around being creative in the first twenty minutes of the day.

As much as I make time to eat, and to sleep, I make time to write my morning pages. This time has to be stolen. You never find time at the end of the day.

In fact, she says creativity is not a trait, it’s a habit. Here Dominique Falla shares her top creativity hacks.

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