Rediscover Your Voice

Rediscover Your Voice
Understanding the healing powers of the voice

We’ve all got one, and we use it in every moment, but are you using yours to your best advantage? Voice and yoga teacher, Kathryn Riding, teaches people the transformational and healing powers of the voice.

It’s very much this intimate part of ourselves that is being expressed to the outside world. And that’s probably the bridge that can make it uncomfortable because there’s an openness and a vulnerability to really letting your voice out.

She uses innovative techniques to help people free their voice and make giant leaps in their lives.

Voice work is an undoing process, a peeling back of layers that inhibit……. and coming back to that freedom that babies have where they can scream for three hours but they don’t get hoarse.

In this episode Kathryn Riding share tips for how you can rediscover your voice. And don’t worry about forgetting your reusable shopping bag again, thanks to Boomerang Bags. UPLIFT reporter Vanessa Hill introduces us to the amazing women behind this great Australian initiative.

About our Guests

Kathryn Riding is a voice and yoga teacher with over 30 years experience. Kathryn teaches her much loved twice yearly Artistry of the Soul retreats in Bali. She is also a poet and author of two books – Under My Skin (Flamingo) and Yoga for Body Mind Breath and Baby (ABC books).

Jordyn de Boer and Tania Potts of Boomerang Bags are passionate about reducing plastic waste. Jordyn has a degree in Environmental Science, and is an activist who has worked in the field of conservation for a number of years. Tania Potts spent many years pursuing her passion of flying aircrafts and is now flying through the community spreading her knowledge to inspire positive change for the environment.


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1 year ago

Great article. Really useful information. Best I’ve read in a while on this subject. Thanks so much for all your efforts.

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It is a unique article it uncovers new experiance at least for me it is the first time that I read such article

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