BY Jane Claire Solomon
We Are One

You and I walk the same byway,
and by the same hand, we are healed.

I have passed you by on the highway,
I have passed you by in the field.

It is always spring when you smile,
and anoint the world with your light.

Worn by the weary for this life’s while,
like a blanket that warms a cold night.

I breathe in the space of your measure,
enfolded within your spiritual arms.

I know not to build here my treasure,
but to live by the comfort that calms.

We dream upon the same pillow,
our heartbeats in time with the sun.

We are as pliant as the green willow,
we are separate, yet we are one.


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One heart, one light, one love…

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BY Jane Claire Solomon
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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


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