One Heart to Heal the Water

BY Jacob Devaney
One Heart to Heal the Water
There is no force for transforming the world that is greater than when we all come together in song, in dance, in prayer, and in meditation. - Chief Phil Lane Jr. 

When a brigade of soldiers marched in step across England’s Broughton Suspension Bridge in April 1831, the bridge broke apart beneath the soldiers. The reason for the collapse is called mechanical resonance. It is a similar scientific principle, that can shatter a wine glass if someone belts out the correct high-pitched note. Collective, amplified resonance is very powerful and we are living in a time when this power needs to be harnessed and applied towards healing the delicate natural systems that hold our eco-system in balance.

This ancient knowledge of unified intention to alter the physical world can be directed in unprecedented ways through the use of the internet. This is not to say that fixing our problems on this planet is as simple as all of us coming together in dance, prayer, and meditation. The power of committing ourselves to the intention and doing the work together, however, can change the world for the better in undreamt ways. This is exactly what Chief Phil Lane, Jr. and many other elders, luminaries and experts from diverse spiritual traditions, cultures, and scientific disciplines are inviting us to do.

Without the invasive sounds of humans upon the ocean, a whales song can be heard around the world. Water is a conductor and amplifier of electricity and vibrational waves. Water is also being assaulted by pesticides, pollution, and radioactive waste. It is a power that can give life and take life away. As citizens of this planet, we have a sacred responsibility to protect and heal the Waters so that all life can flourish. Combining the principle of mechanical resonance, shared intention, and collective action we can unleash a power that is greater than anything we can imagine.

One heart to heal the water

On March 22, World Water Day, this is exactly what we will be doing all over the world. With a telesummit and global webcast from the Sacred Ganges River in India to the Salish Sea in Canada and many local events across the globe, we are making waves of historic proportions. All events are culminating with a synchronized global meditation to #LoveWater. You can register for free online at and join in wherever you may be on that day.

“My name is the Sacred Black Pipe Born of Thunder, Lightning and Rain. I stand responsible before The Creator for my words and my actions.” – Chief Phil Lane, Jr.

Now is the time for each of us to take a stand for all of life, to take responsibility for our capacity to create and to destroy. We are sacred beings blessed with a potential beyond anything we can imagine with a power to dream worlds into being. We can no longer afford to keep ourselves separate from the web of life, we must enact our collective energies and powers for the most divine task of healing our Waters for the sake of all life. Please join us!



BY Jacob Devaney
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5 years ago

prayer does not remove toxins from the waters of the world. prayer does not make it rain in drought stricken areas. prayer does not keep land ice from melting and sea level from rising.

robert czajkowski jr
robert czajkowski jr
6 years ago

Hello , what a wonderful community of awakened. kind souls.I love water and much is being discovered in this element.

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