One Couple’s Journey to a Fulfilled Life

One Couple’s Journey to a Fulfilled Life
Trusting Yourself in Every Situation

We have been travelling without money for over twenty years. In ’93 we gave everything away and began our journey. That year I gave my home to the person who wanted it. Allan gave all his possessions to the Steiner school he worked at. Giving gives such joy. You must be prepared to let go, attachment you don’t need.

We travelled without any money for about two and a half years until the government caught up with us. They got stressed because we hadn’t applied for our pensions. We lived with no money, we walked until we were offered shelter, we fasted until we were fed.

Travelling with just one bag with two pairs of knickers and two T-shirts was a challenge, but it never ever stopped me from trusting.

This is okay, this is what I’m meant to be doing.

Couple sitting on bench at beachTravelling with just one bag.

Living Abundantly without Money

In the end, we gave in and took our pensions. We never use that pension, we give it all away, I don’t have a need for it. They say we must, so we do what they like and they’re happy. Everything I have is given to me because I give. But I don’t give expecting, I just give.

We would be asked to give workshops and personal sessions around the world. We never told them we’d work for no money beforehand. We allowed them to give. In the end, we would say: It’s all yours. If you can, look for a project that deserves it. Maybe it’s a family in need, whatever you find from your heart, help them. This was Polish money, it was Indian money, it didn’t matter where we were, it belonged to those people, not to us. We didn’t need it.

Couple holding handsAll we need is love.

It makes my heart sing when somebody says: I am awake, I have woken up. Everybody would like you to stay asleep, to not realise who you are. You’ve given yourselves the opportunity to find out who you are, without being in the mundane nine to five, pay your bills system. You are free now, and your decisions come from your heart, not from your head. That’s what makes it beautiful.

The Power of Trusting Yourself

Our seed for change?

Find still time, by that I mean be in your own company and listen. Don’t expect messages to come in a particular way. Believe in You, for nobody knows You better than You. Do a little mantra every day: I believe in me, I love and trust myself.

Every day, a thousand times if you like. The more you say it, the more it becomes a way of being. It’s simple, it’s so damn simple. We can only do it with love, with violence it’s been tried and it doesn’t work.

– Maria and Allan

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Dusan C.
4 years ago

Buddha did the same when he started his journey.He left all the material fortune and “safe zone” and become what somebody would call a bum. There is something sacred about that, but it’s also scary to leave your life to a chance.
But, at the and of the road you will lose everything anyway, there is a Buddhistic proverb that says: “the worst passion that we mortals have is desire to possess. Though we know that are finale destination is the hole, not bigger then three square meters, we have the strongest desire to collect things that we can’t use us after we die.. ”

Be brave, don’t waste your life just for money, there is so much more in it!

Love for Maria and Allan

4 years ago

great to give, but crazy imho. homeless by choice, where do they sleep, eat, bathe? tad ridiculous. sorry …..sounds nuts

4 years ago

This is a loving testament to following your heart and trusting in love and life energy….
What courage and faith.
I am inspired to trust a bit more by witnessing them.

4 years ago


Toni Roberts
4 years ago

What!!?? How do they eat? Where do they sleep? How do they pay for daily expenses–like carfare!?

4 years ago

I would love to learn more. you are an ispiration.

Michael Spies
4 years ago

I know people that are living like this, they are flowers of inspiration for the people around them, which is good.
But I am always aware that they can only live like this because there are others that are in the SYSTEM earning a living and thus able to feed and house them. Maybe it is these working and giving people that one should admire.
And yet, I admire the couple for their unconditional trust “that the universe will provide”. This is the ultimate test!
So, God bless both groups

4 years ago

Reminds me of the Peace Pilgrim. We give more than just things like food, water, shelter. We give hope, inspiration, sorrow and fear.

7 years ago

They are sharing resources. Giving and receiving. By traveling and talking about their way of life, graciously giving their pension away, By just being, they are giving. The fact that they are living this way is giving, because they are showing humanity a different way of being that shows how it all works underneath all the current systems of exchange of money/energy. But they are coming from a place of abundance and that is why they are so successful. <3

Amy Giomi-Bingenheimer
7 years ago

It’s dangerous and reckless. There have to be alternative ways to live a “less is more” lifestyle.

7 years ago

If it was Polish money or Indian money, how did they get to Poland or India?

Pure BS or Something Different
7 years ago

I have no opinion other than most of us don’t consciously choose to give everything away. I would help them if I met them. They probably have a very mellow, loving vibe which I am always attracted to in others. Besides proving directly to themselves that the universe supports them and they support the universe … natural flow of life. Sweetness.

Ayelet Hashachar Zimmerman
7 years ago

wow !!!

Bladud Fleas
7 years ago

I feel it’s a tad light on detail.

Heart thinking is nearly always short term, head thinking for long term, I’m certain one should complement the other and not be in conflict. The joy is in both feeling and knowing you’re doing the right things and minimising regret.

7 years ago

I think it’s wonderful that they have no need or desire for money and things, have peace, are happy and give of their knowledge and time. But….when you fast until someone feeds you and walk until someone houses you…..and I would assume they wash their clothes and shower at others homes…you’re basically using other people’s money and and resources. Ya know? Personally…..I get it. I love the idea of living simpler and being more spiritual, but if they were 20 years old, they’d be called couch-surfers, bums or wastes.

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