BY Beverly M. Collins
Life is a Continuum

From the tip-top of January

to the bottom of every December;

life is a continuum.

May we remember to remember


There are no platforms on which we

halt. No arrivals at which we are landing

There is only continuous movement.

Blend motion into all planning.


Next is a good four-letter word that dances

on the tongue and illuminates the playgrounds

of our minds. Next can call loudly or soft

and subtle when it chimes.


Within the cold of winter, remember next are

the fragrant flowers of spring. Next reminds us

there is no be-all or end-all to anything.


When riding a high tide or if a low tide

has you feeling sadness or perplexed,

know true muscle can be found

in how well we just say … Next!

BY Beverly M. Collins



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abdoulaye diop
3 years ago

to put it short life goes on

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