What are the fires telling us?

Igniting the fires of change from the embers of crisis.

Unity, Peace and Love gushed through the door, filling the small community hall, overflowing into the streets, washing over every person in the vicinity. We imagined it reached over motorways, hills, forests, embracing those who needed it the most. 

It was 6pm on a Thursday evening as we stood in the foyer, mesmerized by the generosity and love around us. Hours before, the town of Mullumbimby, affectionately called Australia’s Biggest Little Town, began to truly come to life as local and interstate guests filed outside the Community Hall. Each individual, forming part of a greater whole, created a conscious effort to shift the negativity and the despair that was overtaking the country as fires destroyed homes, landscapes, and a large portion of Australia’s natural beauty.

As we joined as a unified force, together we asked the question: ‘What are the fires telling us?’  

An outsider may look at the success of the event and say our greatest achievement that night was the money raised and the much-needed support it gave. That the fires brought us together for this reason. 

After all, through the generosity of the community, almost $11,000 was donated to help the innocent wildlife recover from the aftermath of the fires. The Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES), were overwhelmed by the love and support. WIRES CEO, Leanne Taylor, confirmed at the time that staff and volunteers were “working around the clock to ensure that as many native animals as possible receive the ongoing care, supplementary food and recovery they need.” 

The support from the community during the event was profound, with many more people sponsoring pouches for injured and orphaned joeys and wallabies than the team at WIRES had prepared for.

“It is vital that we immediately get the funds out to those wildlife volunteers taking care of animals that are injured and/or orphaned.” said Leanne Taylor. “To all individuals, local communities and everyone else who has assisted in some way … we thank you.”

We were beside ourselves with gratitude for the help our community provided to the native wildlife. What was perhaps even more profound than the donations, were the prayers from the community and the collective intention to heal our country and planet. 

During the evening, we sat in a powerful group meditation, we were inspired by the words of cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton who spoke of the power of One, we chanted with mantra devotees Deva Premal and Miten, we heard from Indigenous Elders and a determined young poet. And at the end, we danced together as we finally heard the much longed-for sound of rain on the roof. The sweet scent signalled the start of the end of the fires. Our collective intention, the power of Unity, Peace and Love, prevailed. 

At the end of the evening, the world seemed lighter, the moon shone brighter and our souls delighted in wonder. It was a night of magic. A night of positive intention. A night that encompassed the spirit of UPLIFT. 

Through coming together, we showed the power of joining as One. And that is perhaps the truth of what the fires were telling us. That we are stronger when united, that by joining peacefully we co-create the world we all want. That a new way of being is calling us. A new way of harmonising with all of nature. A kinder, more gentle regenerative communion with our home, this blue planet, is being ushered forth. 

This is clear. We are clear … It’s only Love that gets us through. It is an evening that we will carry close to our hearts as we continue on the journey of Unity, Peace and Love in the Field of Transcendence, and we know you will too.  

With love, light and deep gratitude,

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