Amplifying Love with Global Days of Unity

Infusing the field

It’s 2020, and the great human family is buzzing with wonderful conversations about how we relate with each other, with nature and with Existence. A new focus is emerging, for us to collectively shift beyond the current cultural paradigm, to a new way of us being together on this planet, one based upon the values of unity, peace and love. We want to harness this opportunity to ignite a more collective, collaborative, connected and heart-centred consciousness. We want to celebrate our true selves with a free-organic-evolving concept called, Global Days of Unity.

“The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle”
– Albert Einstein. 

It’s a truly simple concept, entirely inclusive. It’s so inclusive that you can even participate alone. Afterall, it’s the collective field that we are infusing. Physical presence in groups is not essential. Everyone and every group are welcome to participate in whatever way they choose. The one shared single focus is to simply infuse the unified field, that which binds and holds us, with LOVE. A meditation on charging the field. The power of collective intention, resonating from gratitude and the heart, is now being scientifically measured and the results are astounding. 

Global Days of Unity is a dynamic, unprecedented initiative, that will unite communities and individuals across the planet like never before. On the third weekend of each month we will come together ​as one human family; no longer operating under the illusions of separation of race, religion, or culture etc.  Co-creating an intentional energetic impact to infuse our collective field of consciousness with Unity Peace and Love.  

When one person ignites the love inside of themselves, the amount of love in the world increases. Just as a single stone tossed into a lake causes the water level all around to raise ever so slightly, thousands of stones can cause that lake to overflow. So like those stones, may we come together in the thousands, millions, billions and change the vibration of the world to overflow with Love.

Dreaming Big, Wild and Free

The initiative will launch on the weekend of March 21st, 2020 and will continue each month as an ongoing community pulse, uniting billions around the world, alongside global visionaries, civic and spiritual leaders, artists, first nation peoples and many aligned organisations – the possibilities are endless. 

One of the climactic moments of 2020 will be a larger synchronized event on the United Nations “International Day of Peace” – the weekend of September 19th/20th. This moment will include a live-streamed anchor event from Jerusalem (stay tuned), plus a number of larger events in partner cities across the world. From there, the initiative will continue to gather momentum and create a more holistic, regenerative and harmonious world. 

The Vision

On the 3rd weekend of every month individuals and communities from around the world will be inspired to dedicate an ‘action’ or ‘intention’ in support of Global Unity. From simple solo acts like meditating or walking in nature, to interfaith celebrations and singing circles, music or shared-plate gatherings, even large scale community gatherings. Infinite possibilities, creative expressions of an intention to engage with life head-on – in all its tapestry of aliveness, and offer that experience as an intention, a prayer — a blessing.

People across the world will join as one connected planet, one connected human-pulse, expressing their true nature for global Unity, Peace and Love. Then we, with great curiosity, watch what manifests. Imagine no expectation other than to charge the unified field with Love and gratitude and watch Love emphatically respond! 

The initiative will be promoted via a robust free online platform, which will support deep community engagement. The platform will feature inspirational stories, community highlights and will also provide a “dynamic-real-time” map of events, large and small. That way wherever you are in the world you can join an event, in person or perhaps virtually. We will all get to choose how to participate and contribute to global togetherness, to global transformation and to global harmony. 

You are needed just as you are — we love you. We believe in you. We wholeheartedly trust in the power of collective intention. 

Let’s take part in this radically, harmonising experiment together.

Much Love

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