Mooji Speaks About Ayahuasca and Other Substances

Mooji Speaks About Ayahuasca and Other Substances
Teachings on the nature of mind, self and the pathway to highest truth.

Today ayahuasca retreats and circles are spreading like wildfire around the world.  increasingly people are turning to this plant brew from the Amazon to open up to higher consciousness and healing.

But, can ayahuasca actually shift your consciousness and help you grow?

Mooji is a spiritual teacher and direct disciple of the Indian spiritual master Papaji. He is known for the clarity and stillness he brings to his satsangs, or spiritual gatherings.  When asked about ayahuasca he gives a profound teaching about higher awareness and the ultimate states of consciousness.

“It is fine, but it wears off … There’s something that doesn’t wear off.”

If you use some substance to go inside, it is fine, it is life and we are doing it. I think everybody is taking some kind of substance to get out of their regular state actually.

Mooji says that whatever you try outside is impermanent.

“You’ll see things and experience much more refined states of consciousness and experience and it’s beautiful but it wears off and your experience just stays as a memory.  What I am showing you here is something which is not a substance, it is your natural state.  When you look from this and really understand and grasp it, it will move more into the dimension of self discovery.”

A profound satsang on the nature of mind, self and the pathway to the highest truth.

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