Michael St George: One Light Together

Michael St George: One Light Together
What Role Does Dub Poetry Have in the Struggle for Justice?

Motivating Sounds Generator is the alter ego of Jamaican musician Michael St George. He’s a second-generation dub poet, a playwright and educator, but first and foremost he’s an activist and he hopes his music ignites spirit, purpose and deep activism within his audience.

If you’re not active, you’re not engaged in life and you’re passive. It’s important to be very clear on what you’re about, so there’s no ambiguity, and you don’t waste time and resources, because they’re precious.

He encourages people to recognise that they are the most valuable thing that they wake with everyday.

Most people today are sleeping. They really don’t know how powerful they are. As a result of that we cannot truly see the potential of humanity. So wake up and live your full potential and when you walk in the room make the room sing.

He says while every individual has an important role to play in the war on injustice, first we need to address our own internal conflict.

I think it starts with self. Once you’ve been able to do the work on self, then you can actually become a better agent for change.

Listen here to learn how dub poet Michael St George stays inspired in the face of injustice.

About Our Guest:

The MSG (Motivating Sounds Generator) otherwise known as Michael St George, is a writer, recording artist, educator, and recognised leader in the world of dub performance. His conscious verse and fresh musical sound have earned him international industry awards and peer recognition.

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