Message from the Mother

A historic gathering took place in 2014 in the centre of Australia.  Indigenous elders from around the globe gathered to share a message for all humanity about healing and protecting Mother Earth.

When representatives of the original peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Otomi, Diné and Mexica travelled to Uluru to meet with the traditional keepers, what happened may be greater than anyone ever expected.

These meetings birthed “The Declaration to Restore Mother Earth,” a result of consultations in Munvwamake and Numaka, Nabusimake by the Peoples of the Earth in La Sierra Nevada Santa Marta with Spiritual Authority, written in Uluru, Australia and presented at the UPLIFT Festival 2014 in Byron Bay, Australia.

It is our responsibility to heal and restore ourselves and then can we think about restoring regions that have been ravaged and exploited. We have a sacred duty to protect the earth for all the coming generations.

Warning: This film contains the name and footage of an Indigenous Elder who is now deceased.

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