Love Captured in Life

BY June Denigris (JuneBug)
Love Captured in Life
Welcomed All the Same

Love can be found in the simplicity of life,
Having a multitude of interpretations,
Bringing forth emotions never before uncovered,
And yet welcomed all the same,

Love can be discovered in the most remote ways,
From hearing words of endearment,
To the tenderness of a helping hand in doing daily tasks,
And yet welcomed all the same,

Love can be enveloped in the arms of family and friends,
Who stand by you through disagreements,
Who walk beside you, even though the road you are on, is less traveled by them,
And yet welcomed all the same,

Love can be evolved through labors of time,
Learning and experiencing life from another’s perspective,
Life has its high points and the “why me?” points,
And yet welcomed all the same,

For the anticipation of someone meant for yourself is worth the wait…

Be patient, therefore, with time…

“My hope for my future… and for others in the similar journey of life…”

BY June Denigris (JuneBug)
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