Look Back

Embrace All that You have Become!

Look back, not of regret but to cherish the journey
How much you have grown, my child
The path that once hurt your feet with shards of glass and rough stones
Now has instead made your feet strong and resilient

Look back, not of sorrow but of jubilation and triumph
How you have survived, my child
Your heart that once was torn to pieces, numb from emotions
Now has thrived, filled with love and light, beautifully blossoming

Look back, not of fear but of courage and steadfastness
How you have conquered, my child
The days that once were loomingly dark, void of any thread of hope
Now have given rise to the opportunity to live life to the fullest

Look back, my child, to revel in the glorious past, only for a moment
For the future holds love, light, beauty
And tremendous promise

Look forward, my child, it is time to embrace all that you have become!
Look beyond the horizon my child, for
There lay the resplendent beauty of the unknown…

BY Sadya
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