Little Robin

BY Natali Betz
Learning to Live Light and Free

There is a very deep lesson I had to learn last Sunday and Monday and that also has to do with passing away and the rainbow bridge. So here is the ‘robin story.’

It was a little robin who came to teach me. I was sitting in the living room when she rang the doorbell. It seemed very urgent and my first thought was that she had had an accident. I saw her through the glass door standing there, her hands toward her nose.

When I opened the door she lifted her hands with a little robin showing very little life energy with the words, “I think it’s on its way to the light“…

I took the little sweety in my left hand and brought it to the living room. It had its eyes closed and was sitting/lying on its breast – so tiny and fragile. I was watching it and he came to look at it, too. I told him to bring the rescue drops, then he put a drop on the robin’s head and after a little while it opened its eyes and looked at us. It was breathing heavily and looked as if it was collapsing. I gave it a little bit (one drop) of the rescue under its beak and it took it in.

Then I talked to it: “My heart is beating in the rhythm of love.“ I was breathing very gently, trying to get this soft and calm energy over to the little soul.

In the meantime, she had come in and told us how she had found the little sweety. The cat lady had had it in her mouth. She’s a marvelous hunter and loves eating birds. She once said eating a bird gives her the feeling of flying herself … So she had brought the little sweety to the front door where it screamed so loudly that the human who heard it when she rode into the farmyard, came to help and took the robin out of the cat lady’s mouth.

So after another while in my hand, the breathing calmed down and the robin moved its tiny feet. It didn’t seem to be injured. The cat lady had simply brought it to the door. If she had wanted to eat it, she would have done so. After another while, the robin was sitting on my hand looking at me. So I asked the human she to bring a little fir twig from the decoration outside which I laid on the window sill and on which I sat the little robin. There it was sitting for another while looking at me.

After another while, the robin looked strong enough to go back outside so I took it in my hand again, talked to it and then sat it on the rose twig directly at the living room window. There it sat for another while and breathed heavily, maybe to get used to the cold air. The difference in temperature between the living room (about 20 degrees), window sill (a bit colder directly at the window) and then outside (about -10 degrees) must have been hard to take.

While our little guest was sitting there outside by the window, its companion was looking for it and fluttered to the other living room
window. It must have known that its mate was there with us. After another while, the little guest fluttered away and was gone. Not seen
again on that day.

The next morning the little guest was in the yard hopping on the fence and hopping on the farm ground. It looked quite dangerous what it was doing, as the two farm cats were nearby. But we couldn’t help it. That’s nature…

When I returned some hours later around lunchtime, I met the cat lady. She was standing in front of the back door and she had the body of the little robin lying beside her. She was showing me her pray, but she didn’t eat it. I took the little body away from her and brought it to the garden where I laid it down in the centre of the spiral of crocuses which was starting to bloom.

After this sad experience, I was lying on the sofa in the living room watching all the little feathered friends on the apple tree. A bluetit said: “We flutter easily through our life and flutter on into the other life, leave this body behind – light and free“ Then the robin’s mate came to the tree and sat on a twig looking into the living room. I was deeply touched. What a lesson!

In the night, snow fell on the garden and covered the scenery. Even after a few days, the little body was still lying there on its resting place. So after a week, I brought the little robin’s body to its last place in the gravestone semi-circle under the snow-white rambling rose. The cat lady watched me but didn’t come closer.

The little guest robin must have fluttered away into the light long ago – light and free…

BY Natali Betz
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