Kemi Nekvapil: The Gift of Asking

Kemi Nekvapil: The Gift of Asking
How is Anyone Meant to Know What You Need if You Don’t Tell Them?

Many of us are comfortable asking for trivial things but falter when it comes to asking for what we really need in life. And women, according to Life Coach, Kemi Nekvapil, are especially bad at asking. She says the costs of not asking leads to resentment, depression and unfulfilling relationships.

There are certain feelings we have when it comes to asking. We’re scared of being rejected, we’re scared of being embarrassed, looking stupid, appearing weak. But the cost of us not asking are actually infinite, and not just for us but the people around us.

If we learn to ask for things effectively and confidently, Kemi says we not only empower ourselves, but we empower the ‘askee’ as well.

Sometimes the asking is what creates deeper relationships and you don’t actually get what you want but there’s a clarity in the relationship that forms that wasn’t there before….It is a gift to ask because we’re human and we need each other.

Her new book The Gift of Asking provides insight into why we struggle to ‘ask’ and provides tools for effective asking.

About Our Guest:

Kemi Nekvapil is a respected speaker, media commentator and ICF-credentialed life coach.  She’s worked in the wellness industry for over 22 years, and has a thriving practice empowering women from around the world to set boundaries and say yes to themselves.

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