It’s All the Same Stuff

It’s All the Same Stuff
Less Thinking, More Feeling

“It’s all the same stuff” This is a comment I read from time to time. “It’s all the same stuff. I’ve read similar things here before.” Those are comments from a few readers who return to see what new blog has appeared on my site. Comments like that make me chuckle. And I’ll tell you why. 

Of course, it’s all going to read the same. They are! The messages are the same. The lessons are the same. The ‘insights’ are the same. The themes are the same. Now, why is that, do you suppose? 

Are you’re ready? Here’s the one million dollar answer to spiritual growth… only a few practice any of the principles we write about. They don’t take any action and apply them to 3D reality! And because of this everyone is busy seeking the ‘magic cure,’ so they can be ‘fixed.’ They don’t want to do it themselves!

They don’t take the ten to twenty minutes a day to meditate on a regular basis.

They have a constant chatter (critical inner voice) in their heads but don’t want to do the disciplines to quiet it, let alone accept they have one.

They’re not willing to look and accept, their shadows.

They’re always shopping for the latest books, weekend workshops, and methods to provide the answers for them.

They’re not willing to take the disciplines to tend to their 3D bodies.

They’re not willing to take responsibility for what they created in their present circumstances.

I was the same way years ago. I would read something on, say, “coming from the heart.” I would conceptually understand how coming from my heart means ‘feeling’ from my heart, as opposed to thinking of the emotion with my brain. And there lies the rub. I conceptually understood what Love or Compassion or Anger meant by remembering when I was in love or had compassion toward another, or when I was truly angry at a situation. 

THINKING = REMEMBERING = EGO/MIND (These terms have nothing to do with the Heart.)    

But I didn’t re-feel it. I didn’t allow myself to do that because of the fear of being vulnerable again. I thought ‘re-thinking’ the experience of being sad was enough to get it out of my system and move on. Wrong!

All I was doing was burying it deeper into the rabbit hole. Thinking about a feeling is another form of denial. I was using my ego (thinking brain) to handle my feelings, which can’t be done. I had to re-feel the experience and past feelings. Feelings come from the Heart. Emotions come from the brain. There’s a huge difference. 

Why is this so hard to comprehend? Because the ego has limits. The Heart is limitless and the only way to access the Heart’s limitless boundaries is through feelings. 

There’s a stage in one’s life when you’re brought up to think it’s weak to show your vulnerability. That’s the ego speaking. The ego has you thinking you have to keep finding more answers to figure out life. All of that brain noise is nothing but a distraction to keep you from feeling from your Heart.

A previous blog I wrote called It’s All Backwards touches on this aspect. To show and feel your feelings isn’t weak. That’s backwards. Being vulnerable is strength personified. That’s another component of the one million dollar answer to spiritual growth… Vulnerability. It’s one of the other keys to your Heart. And in order to feel you have to be vulnerable. It’s a strength. As I mentioned in that earlier blog of mine, it’s all backwards, collective society has it all backwards. 

So… are many of the blogs/articles we share and write essentially the same? Hell yes, they are!

It’s because too many ‘new agers’ or ‘spiritual types’ are too lazy to put anything into 3D reality. They’re too busy externalizing everything; from looking for their ‘star seeds’ to praying to a statue hanging on a wall. No one wants to take the time and practice to look within themselves. It’s too painful and confronting. They’d rather try to find the prancing and dancing unicorn at the end of the rainbow that whispers sweet, profound nothings in their ears.

As one of my mentors would hammer into me, “In order to heal, you have to feel.” Is it an easy journey, spiritual life? No. It’s not meant to be. If it was, everyone would take it for granted. This is what being present is all about. This is what self-love is all about. This is what “do unto others” is all about. 

I’m sorry to break the bad news to you but if you were harmed in any way, shape, or form you need to acknowledge and re-feel the experience again to get it out of your system, and then reframe it so you can forgive the perpetrators, and/or yourself, for the experience that happened. Simply understanding the past just won’t cut it. (A hint, free of charge: applying, “If they/I knew better, they/I would’ve done better”… to those that did harm to you… or better yet – what you did to others will help you reconcile your victimhood/deeds).

So if you find yourself whining because this site and others seem to be writing the same stuff over and over, maybe it’s because you expect us, and others, to give you the ‘keys’ to enlightenment (another misleading concept), when in fact, we can only point the way. 

And guess where my finger is pointing right now? At you… at your chest… your Heart. Your True Self. 

Don’t look at us. Look to yourself. All the answers are inside you! Wake up!

Consider this a public service announcement from your own Heart.

BY Bryan Moss
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