BY Star Blossom Goddess
We are Blessed and a Blessing

Inside a gentle breeze the serene and wonderful lingers.
It tickles consciousness so all spread wings like birds.
It expands in a quiet moment to pulsate in heart to bring peace.

Inside visions of an open eye beauty is found as lids clap upon Earth’s landscapes.
It plays with rays of sun as they hit the mind.
It moves in spiraling form showing rainbows grand
that inspire.

Take a walk in a moment that provides many a diving board into streams of love.
Take a step of dance to align with waterfalls of wisdom
that are in abundance from our allies.
Take the choice to run like the mighty stallion
catching the moments gift inside freedom to manifest.

We are all gifts deserving to sing inside the heart.
Deserving to walk with heads high
connected to all we see.
For we are blessed and a blessing,
inside a gentle breeze.

BY Star Blossom Goddess
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