The Beauty and Magnificence of Life

I am walking on the west side of the island of Innishboffin
To my left the waves are lashing in a turquoise sea.
Craggy cliffs line the shore
Small islands reach out to sea.
To my right, the hill rises
It is full of holes
Out of one peeps a baby rabbit.
It disappears as it encounters me.
The road is rising slowly
There is no one here.
The hill is grassy
It has a blanket of small pink flowers
Bobbing in the breeze.
Out at sea, a boat is drifting aimlessly.
To the other side, the ferry
Bringing the next lot of visitors to the island.
All the while the birds are singing
Robins, seagulls, and call of the corncrake
They are serenading each other.
As they sing I listen
I am the only human life here.
My feet make a light noise with each step
Like the Rhythm of a song.
Like the rhythm of my heart.
The air is so pure
No harm can ever come to me here.
Pure joy swells up inside me
Joy at the beauty and the magnificence of life.

BY Theresa Flacke
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Seamus Mannion
4 years ago

The descriptions beautifully evoke images of nature and the poet at one in this island habitat

4 years ago

Makes me want to take a trip back to Innishboffin to experience that magical scenery and joy de vivre!! Congratulations Theresa on publication of such a beautiful poem.

ruth seodi
4 years ago

What a beautiful poem, full of imagery. Very calming and full of gratitude for what life provides and offers us. Ruth Seodi

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