Self-Discovery Guidelines to Access and Activate:

Take your time, go slowly, and be patient with yourself to get the best results.

1. Feel your body, take a few moments to settle in. Your body holds deep wisdom. Trust in it. Learn from it. Connect with it.

2. Focus on and bring your awareness to the specific Inner Resource of Awe/Wonder.

Explore the following questions:

Writing down your insights can be very helpful. You might want to grab a journal or a pad of paper now!

Can I bring a sense of awe and wonder to all the vast unknowable aspects of life and this world?

Take a few moments to feel all that arises as you bring your sense of awe to the mysteries, the miraculous, and the many wonders of this world.

How do I feel when I bring awe to something as simple as a seed sprouting into a plant? To a tree blooming with flowers that then turn into fruit? To my skin healing itself? To the beautiful colors of a sunset? To the birth of life in all its forms?

Can you feel this awe and wonder within your body?

We are so familiar with miracles that we take most of the marvels of this world for granted. When we look deeper, we see there are so many inexplicable wonders!

What is revealed to you as you bring awe to any little thing?

We can analyze what happens as a seed germinates, grows into a tree, and then bears thousands of fruits, but what has happened is truly miraculous!

What about the beauty and colors of a vibrant sunset? Sunlight sparkling on a lake, a river flowing, or water turning into ice, steam, snowflakes, vapor?

Water is awe-some!

What do you experience that inspires your sense of wonder?

As you explore what it feels like to bring more awe into your daily life, notice how it can miraculously enhance and transform ordinary moments into deeply joyful ones.

What does feeling and accessing awe and wonder bring into your awareness?

Find out for yourself what happens as you access and activate the wonders of awe.

Related Inner Resources:

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