How your Brainwaves shape your Reality

BY Jacob Devaney
How your Brainwaves shape your Reality
Knowing how to identify your brainwave state is the first step in consciously shifting it

All of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are rooted in the communication between neurons. Naturally occurring brain chemicals influence our moods but there is also an electrical component associated with brain wave frequency that is worth exploring. Our brainwave state controls our ability to focus and many other important functions in our lives. Knowing how to identify your brainwave state is the first step in empowering you to consciously shift these patterns as needed throughout the day.

You have your very own signature brain wave activity, unique to you. It has a rhythm and pattern – and it incorporates Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies at varying levels over the course of a day as your brain modulates them to match your activities. Brain Sync audio programs amplify a single frequency or a carefully balanced combination of frequencies to achieve a specific purpose. – Tools for Wellness

Alt text hereWhat happens in our brain when we see the world around us?

Understanding how we Perceive the World around us

Science greatly enhances our ability to navigate our biological existence as well as the world that we perceive around us. The places where science and spirituality converge are perhaps some of the most exciting parts about living at this time in history.

People have meditated, used music, dance, and art for millennia to alter consciousness. Thanks to a german physiologist and psychiatrist named Hans Berger we now have a device called an electroencephalogram (EEG) which has the ability to measure and record the wave frequency of electrical activity in the brain.

Each of the millions of neurological synapses in our brain operate on electrical impulses which create an overall frequency. The frequency (wave-length) can be fast or slow, harmonious or discordant but whatever it happens to be will affect your consciousness dramatically. Luckily these waves can now be measured and we are able to induce desired states of consciousness and become masters of our own biology rather than servants to it.

Alt text hereEEG testing is helping us understand how our brainwaves shape our reality

Biomusicology has used the EEG to show how certain external rhythms can cause entrainment of brainwaves. This idea has been applied with biofeedback, binaural beats, and other advanced forms of technology but it is basically rooted in the ancient idea of the shamans drum.

Music can alter consciousness and there are now many products on the market designed to help people acquaint themselves with different brain states if you don’t have a local shaman.

The acoustic stimulation of rhythmic drumming acts as an auditory driving mechanism, affecting the electrical activity of the brain by bringing it into resonance (at a particular frequency or set of frequencies) with external stimuli. – Music, Science, and the Rhythmic Brain: Cultural and Clinical Implications

Alt text hereThe Brainwave States

The Basic Brainwave States

Alphais about relaxation, imagination, visualization. This slow cycle of brain wave is 7-12 HZ (beats per second) is also associated with peace, safety and is a great state of mind for relieving stress. It is also present when people watch movies or television. It is considered a gateway to deeper realms of consciousness and the Schuman Resonance which is the resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field. This state is essential to well-being.

Beta is mostly associated with concentration, cognition, alertness, and focus. This state of mind allows you to make connections quickly and come up with solutions and ideas. It is great for creative projects and also a great state of mind for sports or physical activity that requires focused attention. The Beta wave rate is between 13-40 HZ (beats per second).

Theta is the state associated meditation, intuition, memory and was first noticed when EEG was applied to meditating monks. This mystical realm is elusive and mysterious since brain activity slows almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. This state brings heightened receptivity, visions, flashes of dreamlike imagery, inspiration, and your buried memories.

You may feel like you are floating or that your spirit is reaching beyond the container of your body. It is 4-7 HZ. and 4.5 beats per second appears to be the most optimal for inducing this “shamanic” state of consciousness. This meditative state increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.

Alt text hereNASA has studied the idea of putting astronauts into a Delta state for long space flights

Delta clocks in at about 0-4 HZ. and is pretty much where we go when we are in a deep sleep. This state is crucial for restoration of the body and healing. Delta has to do with the subconscious, the place where intuition arises.

Gamma is hyperspeed, above 40 HZ. and it is the most recently discovered frequency. Little is known about this state of mind, but initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with high-level information processing and bursts of insight. Perhaps we are evolving to adapt with our fast paced, technology-driven world?

Creating the Reality we Desire

As you can see, each of these states of consciousness are essential for our well-being. One thing to consider is that we don’t shift instantaneously, sometimes there are periods when we are somewhere between states.

There is a whole lot to explore when we consider some of the research concerning the ways that heart frequency affects brain states, and the ways that we can influence each others frequencies.

Science, art, and spirituality will help us raise our consciousness to address whatever challenges we may face. With these tools we can take charge in our lives and create the reality that we desire.

BY Jacob Devaney
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kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago

good thank you

kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago

very good

3 years ago

Hi thans for letting us know god bless!!

5 years ago

Very useful in breife explanation

john edwards
6 years ago

Having used Ganzfeld devices for over 2 decades in personal research (everything from learning languages to beating hard levels on video games) i find this a great introductory look at how brainwaves work…. Both my Ganzfeld device (binaural sound with strobe goggles) and my biofeedback device have proven worth much more than i have invested in both time and money.Kudos on bringing this information to people who otherwise may have missed it.

Josué Ofd
6 years ago


7 years ago

I’d love to read about how social environment shapes our brain waves (…and thereby our reality). As it is this was fascinating and I think those Gamma waves must be in play when younger educated people speak and my mind sputters into some sort of Delta mode.

Alpha waves: relaxation, imagination, visualization, peace, safety and a great state of mind for relieving stress…considered a gateway to deeper realms of consciousness and the Schuman Resonance which is the resonant frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field. This state is essential to well-being. OMGoddess! All that also “It is also present when people watch movies or television.” The “Boob Tube” ugly duckling is also a swan? Interesting. So much riveting about this article …

Frank Burton
7 years ago

Sorry, but there was nothing new in that, apart from the Gamma state. Interesting!

7 years ago

Loved this article. I have seen a lot of information about brain frequency waves. But this is best. Explained things I didn’t know.

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