How a Personal Commitment is Transforming my World

How a Personal Commitment is Transforming my World
Becoming a participant in the Restoration of Mother Earth

It isn’t often that I make a commitment which so profoundly impacts the way I live. The real gift of this discovery is that the more I give myself to this commitment, the more it gives in return.

When I first heard the Declaration to Restore Mother Earth being shared at UPLIFT 2014, my entire being was vibrating, fully attentive. I recognized the spiritual authority of where this transmission was coming from and realized just how much my heart longs for it to happen. 

At the moment we were invited to make our own personal commitment, a ‘yes’ came from deep within me. Symbolic pieces of strings were placed in our hands, for us to infuse with our intentions and prayers for the healing and restoration of Mother Earth. These strings were  then to be carried back by the representatives of the Original Peoples of the Earth in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; to show the Elders that there are indeed people in the World who care…

Strings held during declaration
Strings held during declaration – photo by Arterium

From watching Alan Ereira’s 1990 BBC documentary The Heart of The World: Elder Brother’s Warning and the 2013 release Aluna, filmed in co-operation with the mamos, or spiritual leaders of the Original Peoples of the Earth, I learned that for generations they have dedicated their entire lives to the safekeeping of the spiritual balance of the World. I also learned that the modern-day mindset creates an imbalance which is destroying both the physical structure and the thought structure, or ‘matrix’, underlying existence. Both quantum physics and ancient wisdom suggest there is evidence of the power of intention to affect the underlying field. So yes, we need to let Mother Earth know we care. We need to let the Elders know that we care, and we need to take care with what we are contributing to this field.

I believe, as do many others, that only a radical shift in consciousness will make a difference now. According to those who track the planetary boundary limits, we are already past the point of no return. We don’t have time anymore to sit through the debate of whether Climate Change is a real concern or not, or to wait for action to be taken through political and corporate tradeoffs.

To face the current state of our world can be overwhelming, and often gives rise to feelings of hopelessness and despair, especially when seeing the complacency, indifference and self-interest of our human condition. Yet somehow, making this commitment has given me a focus that amplifies another innate impulse – to care, connect and contribute.

As soon as the Declaration came online, I signed up and started encouraging everyone else to tune into the inspiration the Elders are sharing. Before long, I realized that the commitment is actually working both ways, and perhaps even more about receiving than giving!

Hand over heart
UPLIFT 2014 Strings held during declaration – photo by Arterium

As we link our intention to contribute to the restoration of Mother Earth, we are also connecting with the Elders, and the innate order that governs nature, to care, nurture, protect and uplift all of life.

The Declaration calls for us to be conscious of our imbalanced ways of living, and that it is time to reclaim our connection to the Original Constitution of Mother Earth. This goes way beyond ensuring we take responsibility to reduce our own personal carbon footprint; it is vital for us to heal the painful disconnection we feel, and be willing to let go of our own justifications for separation.

The teachings of the great Indian sage Ramana Maharishi so perfectly summarize what is called for, now more than ever:

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.
Ramana Maharishi

In the Declaration film ‘Message from the Mother’ the representative of the Original People of the Earth in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Nelson Caraballo, shares how important each person’s healing and commitment really is. By committing to align our intentions and actions, we are collectively participating in the Unification process becoming a reality. The Elders encourage us to live in harmony with nature, as the original people have done for thousands of years. They share how vital it is for us to care for the essential elements that constitute life, and to reactivate sacred sites so Mother Earth may return to her natural constitution, through our songs, dance, music, prayer and restorative ceremonies.

It is a powerful offering, to live with reverence for the simple things that actually matter most to us all. There are so many gifts: just to wake up in the morning and thank the sun for shining and be grateful to breathe fresh air and listen to the birds, to tend to the vegetable garden behind my house, to thank the seeds and the soil and the Earth for growing our food, and to nourish my family with care.

UPLIFT 2014 Audience
UPLIFT 2014 Audience – photo by Arterium

I have never been one for praying, but I am learning there are so many beautiful ways to bring to life our appreciation for Life itself, and how this inspires, empowers and aligns our will to act accordingly, to do what we can within our own sphere of influence. The prayer that most resonates with my heart is to dedicate the actions of the day to serving the restoration of Mother Earth so that we, and all our future generations, may have fresh water to drink and pure air to breath and healthy, wholesome food to eat.

This focus has served me well, to bring to life the sacredness of living simply, to prioritize where I’m giving my attention, and to get over the personal stories which simply don’t matter much after all. It is also radically changing my conversations, focusing on what will unite us rather than divide us, bringing enthusiasm to celebrating lifestyle choices for personal and planetary wellbeing, and supporting the initiatives I feel most inspired by, as well as engaging in community projects and at our school.

It was especially insightful to learn about celebrating the sacredness and significance of Water this World Water Day from those who led the worldwide #LoveWater ceremonies, and all the inspiring initiatives emerging!

I can’t imagine that Google knows my intentions, but I notice how my attention, even online, is becoming more selective of credible information I can share, and the inspired initiatives I can support with my voice and actions. These days, attention is being drawn to how best to serve the collective focus on Earth Day coming up on April 22 and how we can come together to revitalize our own environments.

The question I live with is: how to bring awareness to those of us who are no longer in touch with the understanding that they too are an integral part of the natural world? How do we care for more than just what works for ‘me,’ but to truly tune into what works for ‘us’?

May we all embrace and activate the Unification Process – for our health, our happiness, our prosperity, our future, indeed everything of value that comes from our relationship with the Mother that nourishes us all.


Photos from UPLIFT 2014 by Arterium

Declaration to Restore Mother Earth
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