Healing Ourselves With Vibrational Medicine

BY Lance Schuttler
Healing Ourselves With Vibrational Medicine
Simple ways to balance your body and mind

In our world of ever-increasing technological capabilities and the stress that they can impart upon our bodies, as well as the stress of every day life, more people are continuing to return to nature for ways of healing. Some wonderful forms of healing from nature form part of what is known as ‘vibrational medicine’. 

According to Dr. Richard Gerber, vibrational medicine is “an evolving viewpoint of health and illness that takes into account the many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy (like atoms) that contribute to the multi-dimensional human energy system,”. Vibrational medicine is used to describe a variety of living remedies, and is based on the principle of healing using the living energy within something, such as crystals, plants, sunlight and food. Acupuncture, homeopathy, and sound therapy are also forms of vibrational medicine. Other forms are centred around the use of crystals. Crystals have an extremely high vibration that is condensed in the form of a rock. When placing a crystal on the body, the geometric and highly synchronized vibrations begin to merge with the bio-energetic field of the person and create a healing effect. This healing effect can liberate and transform lower energy patterns like guilt, fear and resentment. 

While some dismiss this form of vibrational medicine, it is important to note that crystals are used in computers, radios, watches, fiber-optic technology, lasers and credit cards. The ability for crystals to store and transmit information is incredible. 

crystalsCrystals have an extremely high vibration

Even the genius scientist Nikola Tesla said that crystals are actually living beings:

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.

One vibrational tool that has been used for centuries and is coming back to the forefront of holistic health is that of flower essences. While essential oils are extracted from plants and work primarily on the physical body, flower essences are very different in that they act on the bio-electrical field of the body. 

When analyzing a plant, we notice that sometimes the bark, the leaves, the stems or the roots are medicinal and can give us many nutrients that our body needs, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals and phytochemicals. Wouldn’t it make sense that the flower could also provide us with medicine? After all, it is the quintessential and most beautiful output of the plant, so wouldn’t it give us a very potent form of medicine? 

Dr. Edward Bach was one of the first to bring flower essence therapy back into the mainstream again in the 1930’s when he began solely using flower essences on patients and himself, completely discarding his former work as a medical surgeon and pathologist. At that time, he moved away from the city life of London and into the countryside to work more directly with the flowers. 

flowersFlower essences are floral infusions that uniquely address emotional aspects of wellness

What Are Flower Essences And How Do They Work?

According to the Flower Essence Society, flower essences are floral infusions (into water) that uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. They are made by gently plucking flowers (with leaves or bark preferably) and placing them into a glass bowl of the cleanest water a person can use. The bowl filled with flowers is then placed in the Sunlight for several hours, where the Sun’s rays imprint the bio-electrical field of the flower into the crystalline structure of the water molecules. Thanks to Kirlian photography, we have proof of bio-electrical fields existing around living organisms. Additionally, it must be remembered that water has memory and thoughts. We know that information and words can be imprinted into water, thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Dr. Shui Yin Lo, who authored The Biophysics Basis for Acupuncture and Health, has proposed that meridians, as well as their acupuncture points, are made up of a polarized medium that Dr. Lo says is likely to be water clusters. The term ‘water cluster’ is defined as approximately 10 to the 9th power water molecules combining to form a ‘cluster’ that is a dipole, which means negatively charged on one end and positively charged on the other. When these clusters are aligned and stimulated end to end they can generate electromagnetic waves, electrical fields and/ or sound waves. Stimulation can be undertaken by  acupuncture needles, heat, sound or the light/vibration from a flower essence. The resultant waves travel through the meridian to various organs and resonate with similar water clusters in that organ. According to Deborah Craydon in Floral Acupuncture, clinical tests have shown that biochemical reactions occur within the body when electro-acupuncture is used, which only moves electrons and ions. This supports the validity of vibrational medicine.

waterclustersWater Clusters 

In essence, the consciousness, or codes of light, from the flowers are imprinted into the water and are then consumed by the person. This is usually done with mere drops of the entire batch that was created, and can also be used by applying the drops onto the skin. Floral acupuncture takes this a step further by placing flower essences onto certain acupuncture points, so as to make the flower remedies even more effective. 

Since flower essences work on the vibrational or electrical part of our being, they are completely safe to use with either herbs or pharmaceutical drugs, as the latter two substances work on the biochemical part of our being. Many holistic doctors advise using both herbs and flower essences together, as they create a synergistic healing effect. 

What Are The Effects?

The effects vary from person to person, but in general lead to a shift in awareness or understanding about a situation. As FES described above, flower essences help to deal with the emotional or mental aspects of wellness. These remedies help us to see underlying emotional blocks or challenges that are holding us back from healing a certain situation. 

In holistic medicine, it is often taught that below any physical health challenge, there lies an emotional issue needing to be addressed. For example, someone may have physical pain and issues with the heart. Below that could be an issue around grief or loss of a loved one, which that person has yet to heal or resolve. Flower essences help address the emotional aspects to our health challenges, so that we may transcend them both emotionally and physically. 

Sometimes the effects of flower essences are felt immediately. Other times, it may take weeks for someone to notice a ‘shift.’ These remedies are meant to be subtle (but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful!) and work gently. 


Dr. Edward Bach described the effects of flower essences beautifully: 

The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…they cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature, in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine.

Different Flowers, Different Results

As we might naturally assume, each flower has a different and specific purpose of healing. For example, the Zinnia flower essence helps us to return, or remain, in a child-like state of joy and wonder. It is also great for bringing more laughter into our lives. The Crab Apple flower essence helps to overcome any dislike, judgement or negative criticism we may have towards ourselves. 

Flower essences, and other vibrational healing techniques, help us to heal the emotional aspects of our being, and therefore help us to become the best versions of ourselves. This is a medicine that is most needed in our world today, as we learn how to become a unified humanity once again. This method of healing can be a powerful way for more love to spread between our friends, family, community and within our own hearts. 

BY Lance Schuttler
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kamir bouchareb st
2 years ago

very good thank you

Dr. Dennis Kramer
3 years ago

Well Done! Thanks

Louie Cardoza
3 years ago

I didn’t have any expectations regarding that name, but
then the longer I was amazed. The writer did a great job.

Maricela Kaminsky
3 years ago

What a fantastic post! I spend a couple of minutes on studying, and I am so
excited with the information that I received.
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3 years ago

Anyone know who the woman is who makes vibrational remedies besides Healers Who Share?

3 years ago

Does it help healing autistic children

NH Barbosa
3 years ago

Great read. As a believer and protractor of vibration therapy I appreciate the information. I compose Binaural beats using Solfeggio frequencies.
You can listen here https://youtu.be/LZOI89a1ueA

Postive Blessings to all

Chris Lovel
3 years ago

I have been using vibrational healing for some time with great success. It operates on the principle that body cells vibrate at a certain frequency when they are healthy and at a higher or lower rate when they are not. My equipment is able to determine the healthy frequency and feed the unhealthy cells a rectifying frequency to return them to normal.
It is particularly good for arthritis and depression.

Donna Hurst
3 years ago

Would love more information
Very interesting and intriguing

Tahra Day
4 years ago

I bought the book a couple of years ago and am always finding new things in it that I missed the first time I read it. I am a huge advocate of singing bowls and chimes for healing so understand his concept of the vibrations of sound, crystals and plants.

Kalyan majumder
4 years ago


Kathleen Somers
4 years ago

Love this website. I have been hearing vibrational frequencies for a very long time and doing a lot of research and study what I find and this website is spot on correct and accurate. Thank you. Love and Light.

4 years ago

Loved the article. Flower essence now have my Kern interest.

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