Have Faith – Be Brave

Have Faith – Be Brave
Your Life it Could Save

And you cry more than you know you should
It burns, it’s sore, your throat is raw…
is there life after this, is there love?

When you just can’t say what you need to say
And you’re crawling through the longest day
It’s cold, you’re sick, the air is thick…
Catch a breath there could be love.

When your mind is busy and messy and wrong
And you’re ears keep hearing the saddest song
You’re alone, you’re scared, you’re soul has been bared…
you’re desperate but please see love.

When you’re so heavy with thoughts that you cannot compute
And there’s aching and longing you cannot dispute
It’s too much, it’s a shame, you’re caught in a game…
Don’t let the game ruin love.

When you’re dreaming and sleeping and yet you’re awake
And you keep repeating that ugly mistake.
Jealousy, pride, it’s chaos inside…
The chaos is crushing the love.

When you can’t see the end of the tireless maze
And you’re stuck in a fog through the night and the days
Lost and unsure, more than ever before…
At the end of the maze is there love?

When you’re striving to find some courage and hope
And you cling to the end of a fragile rope
Have faith, be brave, your life it could save…
Anxiety can’t be defeated by love.

BY Cat Dresser
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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


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