Has Science Proven the Existence of God?

Has Science Proven the Existence of God?
Could This Change How We Think About God and The Universe?

Recent scientific discoveries have physicists and philosophers alike radically revising their ideas on the nature of the universe, and indeed the existence of God. Countless years and hours of calculations and mind-bending theories continue to reach the conclusion that the universe has a beginning, and did not occur by chance. In 2004 notorious atheist, Andrew Fleet, announced his retirement from the stringent rhetoric of atheism, based on these conclusions. He changed his mind.

Research into DNA has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, that intelligence must have been involved. – Andrew Fleet

Many Scientists now believe the existence of God is not only possible but probable. From their perspective, an intelligent force predating our universe initiated creation. And what’s more, scientific minds have drawn clear links between this force of intelligence and the spiritual realm.

An intelligent forceMany scientists now believe an intelligent force predating our universe initiated creation.

Renowned Nuclear Physicist, Gerald Schroeder, discusses this at length in the book titled God According to God.

The study of nature, even with all its intellectual rigor, is filled with spiritual wonder….Every physical object in this vast universe, including our human bodies, is built of the light of creation.

But while these developments have generated a burst of discussion around the topic of spirituality, it would be a mistake to misinterpret them as religious events. The God at the heart of this debate is not the personal God found in organized religions. Rather, this God represents the laws of nature and is no stranger to the world of science.

Einstein believed in a God represented by order, harmony, beauty, simplicity and elegance, the God of Spinoza. – Michio Kaku

God is natureRather than a religious figure, the God they refer to represents the laws of nature.

So What Exactly is Science Saying That it Hasn’t Said Before? How Are Things Different?

What is changing in this debate, is the capacity of the rational human mind to accept the possibility of alternative realities, even other universes. Many people have long felt that things which cannot be proven, cannot be said to exist. And yet, these views are evolving as our relationship with information advances. The breadth of the human knowledge base is increasing exponentially. Our minds, like the universe, are expanding.

From Nothing to Something

In 1927, Georges Lemaitre gave us the Big Bang theory. This is the theory that the universe was created out of an explosion, or more correctly an expansion of energy, and thus has a beginning.

Science has since been concerned with discovering what, if anything, existed before the Big Bang. Echoes of the Big Bang can be found and investigated. Vast realms of information about the size and age of our universe have been gleaned from the aftermath of this explosion. So, we can conclude that our known universe had a beginning. It didn’t exist and then it did.

Parallel universes?Could there be alternate realities or other universes?

But What Came Before It?

Scientific attempts to establish what came before have concluded that nothing came before. How can this be? In the human mind, ‘nothing’ does not register. This ‘nothing’ that does not register is the central character in many philosophical theses and the cause of much existential angst. But theoretical physicists argue that ‘nothing’ need not be the empty vacuum we imagine and that has haunted us thus far. Nothing is what gives confirmation that something created us. Something else other than that which we know. Something which predates our universe. And thus, we find we have just been placed gently back in the palm of something.

String Theory and Multiverse

String theory, developed by renowned Theoretical Physicist, Michio Kaku, suggests that this something is not a man in the sky but another universe; a parent universe, that has split in two, or perhaps two universes that have fused. These other universes are part of a multiverse, and this is string theory. Well, part of it at least. String theory leads theoretical physicists to ask the question: can we, one day, leave this universe and travel to another one? And while the answers, Kaku concurs, place us in the “realms of science fiction” at this point, they are being explored nonetheless.

In recognizing the limitations of the human mind to understand something as transcendent as a God-like force, modern science concedes that such force is actually a much more likely explanation for our beginnings than our minds would have us believe. And in doing so, echoes the sentiments of metaphysical inquiry across the ages.

Multiverse and string theoryCould our universe have been born from another universe? Are we living in a multiverse?

So, What Does it All Mean for Us?

For many years, the debate has essentially been a tussle between believers and non-believers. Was this act of creation, this Big Bang intentional? Does divine energy exist as a metaphysical force in the world today?

These questions remain open. And for many, this is a problem. But as we evolve and relax our grip on the need to belong to either camp, the debate deepens. Taking place in a context of greater intellectual freedom, the conundrum of divine existence has morphed into an unsurprisingly less divisive, and more holistic one.

As theoretical physicists and philosophers further question the nature of thought, we can now understand that it makes perfect sense that this thing makes no sense to us. Our human mind can only grasp so much; our understanding is limited by our own three-dimensional capacity for thought. And this is quite enlightening.

Alt text hereWe can only guess blindly, as our understanding is limited by our 3D capacity for thought.

Are There More Than 3 Dimensions?

Michio Kaku explains multi-dimensions using an analogy from his childhood. He describes his encounter with this philosophical quandary of perception at the age of eight. While observing a fish he noticed that the fish lives in 2-dimensional space. The fish can go backward and forwards, but that’s all. If a hand were to reach in and pluck the fish out of the water, none of the other fish would understand where it had gone, as fish have no concept of the third dimension. If the fish were returned, it would not be able to explain its experience, other than perhaps to say it was moved by ‘the hand of god’. This fish would be laughed at. Kaku uses this example to help us to understand that which we cannot understand.

That Which the Human Mind Cannot Understand

This is a dynamic that has been creating anxiety in the human mind for a very long time. It has driven some to the extremes of human behavior and is the force behind the spectacular application of human ability. But it is also that which drives us to our greatest place of darkness.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

In the days before cars had in-house entertainment units, children dealt with long road trips by staring out the window. This was an ideal time to contemplate the concept of infinity and other big life questions. And to begin to struggle with them. Existential angst can begin early in life and be quite persistent. Perhaps it goes away for a few busy, self-focused adolescent years but then it returns. And we tackle it with our minds.
Many of us spend the first stages of our adult life trying on various philosophies and attachments to ideology, born from our choices of lifestyle, friends, and hair styles. And just when we think we have outrun the big nothing, it returns. Only this time it has us waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, concluding that there is indeed no meaning to life. We have backed ourselves into a dark corner through our way of thinking. And as we only ever have our mind to work with – and this very equipment is often hardwired for self-doubt – we may have reached a point where believing in love, in good, and in purpose seems childish and ungrounded. The universe has no point and we are just random specks of dust.

Existential angstWe contemplate different questions and theories to try to make sense of our world.

But this is just another thought. And things need not be this way. If we were to let go of our attachment to understanding definitively; to hold hard evidence, our minds would expand.

How Asking These Questions Can Help Us

Using Michio Kaku’s fish analogy, we can reflect on our thinking. If nothing else, this concept opens our eyes to the limitations of the human mind and the possibilities that may exist, if we could only perceive them. We might then contemplate the things in our own lives which continue to elude us. Things we don’t understand or have stopped questioning. Recognizing the limitations we place on our own minds can help us to see how these thoughts might be holding us back. And how our reality might change if our perception could change.

Not understanding something does not need to lead us to nihilism. Not proving divinity does not disprove divinity. But even if we can prove that a divine force created the universe, does this give our lives more meaning? This one still lies with you. For many who seek evidence, the universe is still one with spirit and immense beauty. And we must each create our own meaning. Live with purpose and with love. And yes, continue to strive to understand. By embracing the debates of our time, we can become part of them.

Contemplating the mighty universeKeep asking questions and opening your mind, but embrace all that we don’t yet know.

In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band; physics is the harmonies on the string; chemistry is the melodies we play on vibrating strings; the universe is a symphony of strings, and the ‘Mind of God’ is cosmic music resonating in 11-dimensional hyperspace. – Michio Kaku

The questions we ask today are ones we have been asking for many hundreds of years. We ask them because we are human and in our need to understand, we strive for closure. But rather than providing us with a final resolution to end this discussion, the evidence that Scientists have challenges us to broaden our minds and keep thinking. So while we are waiting for eleven-dimensional hyperspace to come into focus, let’s enjoy asking the big questions, stretching our minds and celebrating the unique human quality that is deep inquiry. After all, isn’t trying to solve the puzzle the best part?

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3 years ago

“The questions we ask today are ones we have been asking for many hundreds of years.” – But the answers to all such questions are already there in Vedas and that is why Vedas are called Eternal Truths or Sanatan Dharma. A brief summary of Vedas can be found in the article https://www.academia.edu/31695390/Vedic_Theory_Of_Everything . In this short comment space I answer only one question using Vedic logic with an evidence.

“Our human mind can only grasp so much; our understanding is limited by our own three-dimensional capacity for thought.” – This is not correct; yoga is the foundation of Vedic theories. Using yogic mediation you can acquire yogic power of third eye vision, also called divine vision. Here is an evidence of this power.

“Pat Norris came to see Swami Rama, a yogi from India, visiting USA during early 1970s. When Pat entered his office the yogi told her to ask seven questions, and one by one she did. Then the Swami gave her a paper, all her questions along with their answers were already written in that paper correctly.” – This shows that everything that happens is already written in memory of the universe and any one can read it. This memory is also called destiny. Destiny is nothing but a misunderstood modern concept of simulation theory of the universe.

Herman (Dusty) Rhodes
3 years ago

Science has trouble accepting anything spiritual. … What about the laws of physics, and the other laws of chemistry, math, geomotry, etc. those are spiritual laws. They are real and have been proved. There would be no science without them. Yet, science will not accept anything spiritual.
Since the laws are True, they are a part of the Truth which us a part of God. The other Pat’s of God are Love and the Positive way. What’s funny is, their laws of physics are a part of God, but half of the scientific community don’t believe in God. … 🙂 …

Herman (Dusty) Rhodes
3 years ago

All Christians need to read the Bible. The Bible is your armor against Satan and knowing that you are a Christian he’s out to kill, steal, and destroy you. He will try to side track you in every way that he can from reading the Bible. Sometimes, your own household will be your worst enemies.
The first time that I read the Bible from cover to cover, I went down on the river and camped out till I was though reading. I had already read the first half so it was the last half that I needed to complete. That was the greatist adventure of my life. Seeing what the KJV actually said and what I had heard, were as diffent as daylight and dark. From that day on, I knew what the Bible said and I didn’t have to listen to hearsay.
My main intrest has been in the creation of the Universe and life. I just spent the last 30 years writing a book on the first chapter of Genesis, Proverbs 8:22-31, and John 1:1-5. My book also answers a lot of unanswered questions both Biblical and scientific. It is a book for our generation becuse prior to 1987, Most people would not understand it.

Herman (Dusty) Rhodes
4 years ago

My book “The Seed of the Universe” took 30 years to write and it’s taken from the Biblical text (not the KJV) as well as the current events in science (not their theories). It starts before the Big Bang and tells a story of creation that fits with what we see with our space telescopes in our own generation. The book us free to the public and written in laymans terms (because I am a retired layman … 🙂 … ).

Brandon Bocobo
4 years ago

“That being unexplainable — scientifically or some other way — doesn’t necessarily make anything true does not preclude the possibility of reaching personal revelations.” (Debate between atheists versus Christians, internet) “But those who via choice cannot open their minds or spirits to things unseen are inevitably whether consciously or unconsciously overwhelmed by them.”(JESUS THE CHRIST, Elder James E. Talmage, p. 149, 1st paragraph, paraphrased) I have resolved this one issue in mind about “incomprehensibility versus truth.”

Marius de Jess
5 years ago

I find it most frustrating that people talk about no God existing, but they insist on not presenting their concept of God Which to them does not exist.

I see that to be most un-intelligent.

So, I ask you anyone atheist reading this comment, “You deny God exists, will you just be intelligent as to tell me what is your concept of God?”

Now I will with bated breath await to read your concept of God.

swagatika kanhar
5 years ago

yes science has the answer of concept of all religions…….

5 years ago

Around 1850 Rudolf Clausius and William Thomson (Kelvin) stated both the First Law – that total energy is conserved – and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second Law was originally formulated in terms of the fact that heat does not spontaneously flow from a colder body to a hotter. These laws are still widely accepted today so how does this big bang theory actually work here when energy cannot be created or destroyed.

5 years ago

when ppl keep saying gOd iSnT rEaL ” stop… get sum help ” cus like if yall dont wanna be rude try to respect our religion please. Atheists i know some of yall like that but pls we christians respect ur culture and belief but u dont. Stop trying to be a smartass, making ur other fellow atheists look stupid imo

5 years ago


5 years ago

Sometime I think who am I and from where what is our objective why we came here in universe what allha want to us nowhere haven’t answer regarding those at last I to be a silent and ask to my brain what can you answer me because you are much intelligent then me but it tell me you should interrogate to your heart by reason of allha exist in your heart so therefore you could easy get answer thereof I asked and I got the answer as soon as answer is that we came here for serving humanity as well as worshiping to the allha

5 years ago

the god needin’t want you to profing them casis is really in all the pless for ex in world in galaxi in our pailss so thy not need you to profing them

Madisyn Clair McLaughlin
5 years ago

I have proof that God is real Jesus walked on water and we are here aren’t we and as well as Jesus dyed and came back alive as I say when people ask me or try to tell there is nothing that could be that great well we are that great aren’t we and I’m 11 years old ??

6 years ago

I’m an average joe that has a theory that I don’t know if it a widely thought of theory that I’ve not heard of or I’m the only person that’s thought it up in this way.so here it is
God isn’t an all seeing being as religions depict it.god is the ancient term for atoms and particles which we and everything around us are made up of. Imagine if theses atoms and particles actually had the ability to think and Communicate that’s how they are able to tell each other it’s time to start to evolve an animal and adapt and equip every creature for the life it has.for example every organ in a body has its uses.every animal has the tools for the diet it has and to continue it’s species .a bats eyes aren’t good so it’s ears and sonar make up for that.humans have the ability to create and we have aposable thumbs fingers and hands to create and the brain power to think it up first.we are all made of the same basic materials so are we all made by a higher being moulding and modifying us out of he’s/her lego of life or is the lego the higher being.
Also for the believers of reincarnation when we die the atoms that was once us and recycled for an new creature,animal,tree etc. an actual visible site of this is fruit in a compost heap apple to earth recycled atoms.

6 years ago

I stopped reading the article at the mention of the gift of Abbe Georges Lemaitre and simply scanned the rest to get the gist of their article. This alleged gift of Lemaitre’s was not the boon many make it out to be. The history of this gift needs revisiting, for this was the age science lost its way to the theoretical mathematicians who began shaping reality to fit the maths rather than use the maths to explain the empirically observable. The science of the Big Bang is far from settled.

First off, notice how the article seems to forget to mention that Lemaitre was a priest, a religious man of God and while it is certainly possible for a priest to also be a scientist, it is a tricky road that can cause some to have agendas and that is a question we must ask of Lemaitre. Did he have an agenda? There was a rumour that he did, that he developed his “Hypothesis of the Primeval Atom” to fulfill the religious dictum “creatio ex nihilo”. When Lemaitre first revealed his hypothesis to the scientific community it did not gain traction and Fred Hoyle derisively called it, “The Big Bang”. Shortly afterward, Edwin Hubble, an esteemed astronomer, noticed a redshift quantization in distant stellar objects that Lemaitre interpreted as a doppler like effect and proceeded to derive the Hubble Constant. This gave Lemaitre’s hypothesis greater credibility if he could show that redshift was a doppler effect that could be traced backward in time to single point. Meanwhile Hubble himself was never absolutely satisfied that redshift was just a doppler effect and Einstein said of Lemaitre’s “Hubble Constant” that his calculations were accurate but his science was atrocious. Eventually Lemaitre’s hypothesis took traction, and Einstein wrote the expanding universe into his relativity equations creating a gobbledygook that is so complex, even today Newton’s equations are preferred for their simplicity. In 1950, Pope Pious X declared the Big Bang as confirming Catholicism. A few decades later another esteemed astronomer who was both a student of and assistant to Hubble, by the name of Halton Arp published a book called “Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies” in which he revealed many images of many stellar objects with vastly different redshift values inhabiting the same region of space. According to Hubble Constant and the expanding universe theory this should not be so and the fact that it is should have been the impetus to re-evaluate the expanding universe and the Big Bang. But it wasn’t. Like many who come along to disprove an establishment theory, Arp was ostracized and denied telescope time. (Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies https://ned.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/Arp/paper.pdf)

At the time of Lemaitre we also saw the birth of the quantum reality, that which can never be perceived and it has taken over science in a big bad way. Einstein’s relativity theories have not brought life to a single piece of technology. GPS systems are maintained in the sky using Newton’s equations. The idea of a “space-time fabric” was a piece of unprovable fiction meant to replace the “aether” which was popular among electrical philosophers of the day. This quantum distraction took away from research into the electromagnetic fields of study, RCA was created by the US military to control this research.

The electrical philosophers of the day and prior to Einstein all asserted that gravity is a phenomenon of electricity. This includes the likes of Tesla whose more than 200 tech patents that are behind the modern technology we all take for granted today. Tesla was emphatic that Einstein was wrong, as did Steinmetz and prior to that Maxwell and Faraday. When it comes down to it, someone who has over two hundred technical patents(Tesla), in my opinion, has a better understanding of the nature of things than someone who only used thought experiments and played with the purely theoretical(Einstein).

What separates the living from the unliving is the ability of the living to self-organize. How much of what your body does to keep you alive, does it do of its own accord without your mind having to instruct it? Pretty much most of it. Life is self-organizing, as well it is a highly complex order of things, therefore it is highly unlikely to be the product of random events but something that arose from lesser order of things. Plasma, sometimes referred to as the fourth state of matter, which I consider erroneous, matter is likely the fourth state of plasma, but I quibble. Plasma was named so by Langmuir because of its lifelike self-organizing abilities. It was, Langmuir observed much like blood plasma. The thing that separates plasma from any other gas is the free roaming electrons produced by charging a gas with electricity. Kristen Birkeland predicted that the solar system would have electrical channels to the sun and was duly mocked for it. A century later he was proven right and such channels were named after him~Birkeland currents. The nuclear fusion model of the sun has far to many holes to be a successful theory, whereas the electric/plasma model does not.
It is electricity that gives plasma its self organizing attributes and it is electricity that produces the spark of consciousness and all thoughts produced by said consciousness. It is electricity that takes a bunch of inanimate chemicals and imbues the spark of life into them making them animate and self organizing.
In this video we see an example of electricity imbuing lifelike qualities in steel ball bearings as they self-organize/self-assemble to reach the negative terminal and complete a circuit.

If one is looking for a Divinity that is tangible, El~(Hebrew for God)~ as in electricity is the Spirit of the Universe.

AnnaMaria Kamstra
6 years ago

If you have an open mind about this article please read this book: Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang by Joe Griffin (Author), Ivan Tyrrell (Author) You’ll never look at reality the same way!

6 years ago

The one you call “God” doesn’t need any proof of his/her Existence in order to BE. And all the proofs of the world, whether they come from scientists or religious will never be able to give you the sweetness of this ultimate experience simply because the intellect IS NOT the appropriate and accurate instrument to lead you to the experience of That One. Yogis and Mystics have never wanted to give “the” proof, but their life and their nature are the proof of this encounter, for all who come into connection with them. Because it’s impossible to have this experience and not to go through a tremendous transformation of your being. Millions of people all around the world have had NDE and will never be the same. It is an experience which is beyond the body, the corporeal world, a shift of consciousness where one becomes soul conscious, and only in that stage can you meet with someone who always remain beyond the body consciousness.

6 years ago

Your final line rings entirely true! Yet, regarding the quote of Michio Kaku’s wonderful poetic words describing string theory: – to me, “the Mind of God” is rather ‘the mind of non-God, aka Homo Sapiens – I think, therefore, I am”. We devise these questions, out of nothing. Surely it is we, ourselves, only, who is ultimately responsible for delivery of the answers? Peace, xs

6 years ago

IMO, religion is actually what keeps us from God. To me, the God Spirit we seek is available to everyone of us. No, not to be found in any church, mosque or synagogue, or even in the “holy” books. No, God is even more available than those nonsensical religious beliefs. “God is nearer than hands or feet, closer than our breath.”
I suggest that the God Spirit (AKA Truth) is within each and every one of us and is manifest by our remarkable Imagination. To me, our Imagination is reality…as opposed to this deceptive and illusory world of duality.
What other “thing” (or entity) can take us anywhere, everywhere at anytime, and cannot be messed with by anyone other than ourselves? Namaste

Herman (Dusty) Rhodes
6 years ago

For the past 29 years, I have been working on a book called “The Infinite Structure” that parallels Science with the Bible. I have 150 illustrations and explinations step by step that will walk you though the creation and the info fits with what we see with our space telescopes. I got my info from the Hebrew and Greek text of the Bible and not from an English translation. It’s too much to explain here but go to my new website where it parallels God and Physics, (both part of the Truth)


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