H.H. Dalai Lama: Consider Forgiveness

H.H. Dalai Lama: Consider Forgiveness
Oppose Trouble But Remain Compassionate Towards the Troublemaker

Forgiveness is one of the most challenging things in the human experience, and can feel seemingly impossible in some cases. The Dalai Lama says irrespective of whatever attitude, the person is still a human being and still deserves our compassion, and our sense of concern, so never develop ill feeling towards that person.

“Deliberately keep your compassion towards the trouble maker.”

In this interview, he outlines different levels of forgiveness and makes a distinction between sin and sinner. “Oppose sin, but never lose your concern and compassion for someone. We have to do justice, but without anger and hatred, and it is very possible.” You can totally oppose their wrongdoing but do it with love. A negative attitude and anger breeds more negativity, while forgiveness rooted in compassion holds open the chance for transformation.

Here his Holiness shares his deep and graceful wisdom.


Feature image: Tim Mossholder.

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