Global Solutions for Today’s World

Global Solutions for Today’s World
The Community, Your Health, and Five Million Dollars

Jamaica Stevens, author of ReInhabiting The Village, discusses strategies to connect with your community and help make it thrive. Wellness Practitioner, Dr. Oscar Serrallach, explains why community involvement is good for your health. And from the local village to the global one, we speak with Mats Andersson from Sweden’s Global Challenges Foundation, which is offering $5 million in rewards for solutions to global conflict.

About Our Guests:

Jamaica Stevens, is the author of, and Project Manager for, ReInhabiting the Village: Co-Creating our Future. With a focus on urban and rural community village projects, Jamaica is devoted to revealing the genius of each human and nourishing a collaborative culture that benefits us all.

Dr. Oscar Serrallach is at the cutting edge of wellness medicine. He has been practising medicine for over 15 years and has worked in diverse areas, including Addiction Medicine, Psychiatry, and Aboriginal Men’s Health. He now focuses on his passion, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM). Dr. Serrallach is the co-author of the book Mothermorphosis – Your Revolutionary Guide to Post-Natal Transformation, and has been running an Integrative Medical Centre since 2011.

Mats Andersson, is the Vice Chairman of the Global Challenges Foundation. He has been actively involved in global environmental issues, including being collaborating with the United Nations. Today, he speaks about the launch of an international competition aimed at finding a better system for world governance, in which the winners will walk away with $5 million in rewards.

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4 years ago

I quite agree but how do we go about this? Where do we begin? It’s a huge challenge and cannot be done by one person. Where do we find others who strongly willing and able to co-create the new, clean, sustainable Earth for all sacred life? My mentor the great anthropologist Margaret Mead said something like this:”Never think the world cannot be changed by just a few dedicated people. In fact. its the only time it has changed (with just a few people.)
Where to see begin?
I’m aged but willing to toss my hat into the ring.

Michael Melio
6 years ago

I remember an adage from my youth: “Think Globally, Act Locally”. And I believe this is more true now than ever. The global economy is dominated by a few excessively wealthy banks, and industrial corporations, all committed to advancing their own profit margins often to the detriment of the people and environment.
What I propose is a Plan for Establishing Local Democracy through local organizing. Each village, town, city, or county can draft a
1. Community Bill of Rights that establishes the Right of the People to govern themselves, to protect their community and environment (air, water, land) from outside corporations and government agencies attempting to usurp their powers and rights. And to codify a commitment to the sustainable futures we desire and deserve, free from the plague of fossil fuel exploitation. (
2. Establish the Rights of Nature. Living creatures must be protected from abuse and extinction.
3. Establish a Public Bank at each level of government that is chartered to invest in ‘Main Street’ not ‘Wall Street’, that is built upon transparency and accountability to the public, and is to use the taxes collected for their benefit (instead of putting those taxes in a private central bank). (
4. Build confederations of similar “Free Cities” or “Free Villages” that commit to stand in each others defense of these rights.
Too often we look to national governments for solutions and ignore the power of the people in their own community. Like a tree, democracy grows from the roots, the tendrils and sinew of local action.
Public banking is crucial, because the money supply in the world today is in the hands of a private banking cartel; and he who controls the money controls the world. We need to return the money to the people and use it for developing a new sustainable society.

Dwayne Robbie
6 years ago

There are already solutions available….. Ubuntu Planet, Free World Charter, The Venus Project, etc. Sadly, society won’t accept these solutions until we suffer through some kind of cataclysmic event (WWIII, comet/planet collision, global warming end game, etc). Humanity Insanity….. knowing we have to change, but refusing to do so.

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