Flora Bowley: Awakening the Artist Within

Flora Bowley: Awakening the Artist Within
Discover the Mystery and Possibility of your Innate Creative Potential

If you want to attend one of Flora Bowley’s artist workshops you’d better enrol pretty quickly. They’re so popular that they often sell out within days (or hours!) of being announced. She encourages participants to unleash all aspects of their creatives selves, whether that be dancing, poetry, music or ceremony. After her very first class, she was commissioned to write a book.

People really responded. Not only did they make these big beautiful paintings but it was apparent that people were having a transformational experience.

Since then, Flora has been travelling the world teaching others how to tap into their innate creative expression.

One of my big philosophies that creates the stage for the painting process is that we don’t actually have a plan going in. You don’t have to have that concept or that goal or that vision….. It’s much more about having an open mind and an open heart.

Flora also encourages students to bring creativity into everyday life and start seeing the mundane through the eyes of an artist. She believes that we need to nurture creative thinking in order to come up with innovative solutions for global problems.

How do we approach all the global situations that we find ourselves in here from a creative perspective?  I think that’s crucial. Clearly, how we’ve been doing it is not necessarily working.

Listen to the inspirational Flora Bowley share her tips for creating bold and authentic art.

About Our Guest:

Flora Bowley is an artist, rule breaker and the author of Creative Revolution and Brave Intuitive Painting.  

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