First Sounds of the Day

First Sounds of the Day
A New Day has Dawned without Effort

I awake to the sighs and mumblings of a child
A new day has dawned without effort
We have all survived and come alive again
The night has gone to where nights go.

The birds are singing outside my window
A breeze sounds gentle in the sunshine
The curtains are moving slowly, like my mind
The birds have gone to where birds go.

The dream that had me is lingering
It is beckoning from the other side where we sleep
Come back, come back we’re not finished
There is much more to reveal.

I try my hardest to recapture it
With a longing almost a chase
But it eludes me, will not return
The dream has gone to where dreams go.

The child has started to gurgle and fuss
The immediate joy of awakening has passed
As if gradually realising its aloneness
The child calls to be joined in togetherness.

The wind, the dawn, the birds and the child
The sleep and the dreams that enchant
All fill me with joy and a gratitude
That this universe still includes me.

BY Theresa Flacke
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4 years ago

Lovely and deeply moving. Well done Theresa. Loved it.

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